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Want to grow your business? Our referral program software can help you do that. Sign up, build a referral program, and ask your customers to spread the word. No coding required.

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Why Customers Choose Referral Factory

Easy to use software. No developers needed
Simple referral program software to help you get referrals.
1000+ referral program templates, designed by experts
Access to referral program templates, designed by experts.
Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, or internal workflows
Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, Stripe, or internal workflows.
Automate asking your customers to refer friends
Automate asking your customers to refer friends.
Referral Program Builder
Follow our builder steps to create pages for the person referring, and pages for the person invited, using our drag-and-drop builder.
Referral Program Builder
Refer and earn
Easy For Users To Share, Refer and Track
Users can refer friends via WhatsApp, Text, LinkedIn, Email, Telegram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Line and more.
Fraud Alerts
Fraud Alerts
Get notified of suspicious users. Only reward referrers for real, legitimate, converted referrals.
Build a referral program
100% Customizable
Style your campaign to look and feel on-brand. Or create something new by using our referral program templates.
Referral program templates
100+ Templates Of Pre-Built Referral Programs
Get access to hundreds of referral program templates, designed by marketing experts.
Built In Email Notifications
Activate email notifications for the person referring and the person invited. Connect your own mailserver.
Ahrefs referral program
Custom rewards, gift cards, cash cards, and more.
Custom Rewards
Automatically reward your users for referring friends - either with vouchers, cash, or your own coupons. We offer rewards in 50+ countries.
Referral pop up
Website Pop-Up
Add a pop-up to your website that will prompt your website visitors to grab a referral link to share with friends.
Reminder Emails
Reminder Emails
Set reminder emails to prompt your users to refer a friend every month. You can trigger other repeat events too.
White label referral
Upload your own unique coupons to issue as rewards and incentives to your users. Issue coupons on triggers too.
Refer a friend
Website Widget
Add a widget to your website that will prompt all your website visitors to refer a friend. Traffic boost!
API And Webhooks
Using our API and Webhooks you can fully integrate your referral program into the business workflows you already use.
Referral program api
Add Your Own Domain
Remove all Referral Factory branding and set up your pages on your own website domain. It's a white label option for brands.
Referral and earn example
Integrates With Ease
Integrates Easily
With integrations, you can easily connect your referral campaign to 3000+ apps and CRMs.
Referral links
Create Referral Links
Easily create referral links for your customers, fans and affiliates. See how.
Referral campaign manager
Campaign Manager
24/7 always on support that's dedicated to you. This includes integration support and referral campaign management.
Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration
Add teammates to your account. Manage permissions and campaign access from one central place.
Add More Users
20 000 users included in the Basic plan, with the ability to purchase more users as you scale.
Add More Users
Referral marketing manager

Get Referrals And Grow - How It Works

Turn your customers and fans into your biggest marketing channel by launching a referral program - you’ll be surprised how fast you can get referrals using our referral software. Referral Factory offers everything you need to build a referral program, promote it to your customers, fans and affiliates, and reward them for referring friends. Our referral tracking software offers deep integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zoho, Zapier and more.
See how it works below 👇
Create your referral campaign from scratch, or use one of our many templates
Create your referral program from scratch, or use one of our many templates.
Invite your customers to refer their friends, colleagues, and families to your business
Generate referral links for your customers, fans, ambassadors and affiliates so they can refer their friends.
Welcome your new referred customers, repeat the process, and grow!
Welcome your new referred customers, and grow! It’s easy if you use our referral program software.

Join 1000’s Of Businesses Getting Referrals

Here are some examples of referral programs built using our referral software. These businesses use referral campaigns to grow word of mouth marketing and drive customer acquisition.
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Refer a friend example
Education referrals
See real life referral program
German referral program
Safari referral
Refer a vet
Broadband referral
Referral program example
Retail referral program
Cool referral program

All-In-One Referral Program Software To Help You Get Referrals

Generate referral links for all your CRM contacts
Generate referral links for all your CRM contacts.
Install widgets and pop ups on your website
Install referral widgets and pop ups on your website.
Email or text your contacts their referral links directly
Email your customers directly to ask them referrals.
Create a join link where users can register to refer
Create a join link where users can register to refer.
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Our Referral Program Software Integrates Easily With The Tools You Already Use

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Access Referral Program Templates - For Every Type Of Business

Once registered you can browse hundreds of referral program templates, by business type or brand. Find a template that will work for your brand, edit it, and go live! Referral Factory offers a faster way to build referral programs, using templates.
A template for SaaS businesses to allow their customers to offer their friends and family an incentive.
Use the solar referral program to help you generate more leads by asking your current customers to refer.
Ask your mailing list to refer their friends to your events, workshops, or webinars and grow your ticket sales fast.
Businesses can reward their current employees for helping them find qualified applicants. Use this template to grow your team!
Moving Company
Van lines and home movers can easily adjust this template with their own branding to get a referral campaign launched in no time. Check out the unique reward and incentive!
A competition-based template designed especially for music festivals and live events.
Our referral software offers customizable templates on all plans.
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Build Referral Programs In Over 24 Languages

English referral software
Franch referral software
German referral software
Dutch referral software
Spanish referral software
Portuguese referral software
Ukraine referral software
Italian referral software
Swedish referral software
Russian referral software
Arabic referral software
Armenian referral software
Bangla referral software
China referral software
Hindi referral software
Japanese referral software
Malay referral software
Finnish referral software
Hungarian referral software
Greek referral software
Using Referral Factory we managed to get more people signing up for pension reviews than any other marketing channel (or other tools) we've tried. The quality of the leads generated through our referral program software was excellent, and we were able to easily tell who needed to be rewarded for their referrals. We used custom gifts, but anything is possible.
Head of Projects @Reeves Independent
The company's customer support, the simplicity to set up a campaign, the time to deploy, and just how cool it looks, won the day. The plug and play interface is very easy to use - and once my referral program was live the results were outstanding. This is the best referral program software for sure!
Director of Strategy @ MVSN TV.
Our team just loves Referral Factory! We don’t have any developers or technical marketers in-house so the drag-and-drop page builder is a lifesaver. The referral campaigns are easy to setup and we’ve been impressed with the performance so far - it really is powerful referral software!
Marketer @ Push Media Growth Agency.

The #1 Referral Program Software Used By Marketers

Want to get more referrals and grow your business? Referral Factory is the solution you've been looking for - we offer everything you need to build your referral program, track your referrals, reward your users for referring their friends, and much much more. Our referral program software has been rated number one across multiple review sites as the ‘best' and ‘most simple' referral software to build and manage your customer referral program. We also offer detailed analytics and coupon codes, making us a full referral software solution. No developers needed. No experience with referral marketing required. Use our referral program software to get up and running in days, not weeks, and you'll see just how easy it is to launch a referral program and grow your business.

Consumers Trust Friends, Family, and Influencers

If a person tells consumers about the product or service which they love they have a 25% higher chance of buying. Thats insane! As a referral based business we track our incoming leads carefully, and we've seen that the average conversion rate for visitors on our website is between 2 and 5%. Compared to 33% for those recommended by friends. That has shown us that conversions are pretty much always higher when the lead is referred by a trusted source. If you want your customers to refer others you should consider an ad-free referral program.

Easy To Build A Referral Program Or Affiliate Program

Use our referral link generator to get an idea of how a referral program would look for your brand. You can then claim it and have a pre-built referral program inside your account. This will save you time and money and help you get links into the hands and phones of your customers, fans, and affiliates. This is a great way to acquire new customers in just a few clicks, and also gives you the tools like fraud prevention, full customization options, landing page builder, custom reward options, flexible campaigns, multiple integrations, and complete control over your users experience.

Make It Easy For People To Refer And Stay In The Loop

Integrate customized links in your emails, your CRM, on you website, in your logged in environment and across your social channels. Provide a seamless tracking experience for users participating in your referral program Make it easy for people to join your referral marketing campaigns, so they can share their links and spread the word about your products and services. By using a referral marketing platform that makes it easy for users to refer their friends and spread the word about your business, you are ensuring that the entire process of referring is seamless for users.

Great Customer Service For Your Marketing And Sales Team

Every member of our team is a seasoned word of mouth marketing expert. They can help you navigate our referral software and also give you advice on how to get the most ROI from your marketing tool. Our team can advise you on everything from the basics of how to generate a referral link, how to ensure your referrers are reaching the right target audience, how to setup event based triggers for your program, and how to issue loyalty points for referrals. We've seen it all and will be so happy to share that knowledge you - our best customers!

Refer to earn software
Best customer support

Choose The Best Referral Program Software

We offer the #1 referral program software to build, launch and run customer referral programs at scale. Offering native integrations for HubSpot, Zoho, Stripe, Monday, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Intercom, and many more. With our referral program software you can run a fully automated refer-a-friend program, without writing a line of code. Once the referrals start rolling in, our tracking and analytics dashboard makes it easy to keep track of who referred who and who needs a reward.

Our more advanced features includes deep integrations with CRMs and payment gateways, as well as API and webhook functionalities as a core part of our referral software. This means you can fully automate the management of your referral system as it grows. Our customer support team is always on hand to help you setup these automations and scale your program as the ROI grows!

Using our referral analytics it's easy to track and monitor who referred who, and who needs a reward. And, it's even easier for your users to track their own referrals too! All referral marketing campaigns launched get access to a host of promotional tools to market your referral program - referral widgets, pop ups, join links, email tools, embed codes and more.

If you want to get more referrals and grow your business, our referral program software is the easiest way to do that. Simply sign up. Build a referral program, and ask your customers to spread the word.

Referral Program Software FAQ

Referral tools offer you an 'plug and play' solution to launch referral programs. You can create on-brand referral marketing campaigns, generate referral links for all your customers, and see your referral tracking in a dashboard thats auto set up. These tools are used by customers looking to automate much of the management of their referral programs.

There are many referral marketing solutions on the market but we offer the most value for money for sure. With everything built in like page builders, pop ups, widgets, a referral link generator, and much more, you'll be able to get your referral program up and running in no time by choosing the best referral marketing software - rated #1 by Influencer Marketing Hub, Growth Markting Pro, Stack Diary, G2, Caperra and more.

Referral rates can very as they have many factors of influence. The main ones are: NPS score of the product, value of the reward, and simplicity of user experience. We find that brands who get all three of these elements right normally generate 0.3 referrals per user. That means if you have 1000 people referring, you could generate 300 referrals. This is the industry benchmark for saas businesses.

If you want to create a referral program fast, then use a template to kick start the process. You can find over 100 referral program templates inside Referral Factory that you can copy, edit, and use as your own. This will speed up the entire process from idea to launch, and ensure you get the basics right. You can choose a template by industry or program type, and then customize the text and branding to represent your business. Once you're ready you can launch by inviting your customer using emails, pop ups, pages, widgets, or more!

Referral tracking software offers you a simple way to track and monitor who referred who in your referral program. This type of software should also show you which of your referrals are successful, so you can easily issue a reward to the person who referred them. If your referral tracking software makes this process smooth and automated, then you've chosen well!

Referral program software is often geared at creating an on-brand user experience, where customers participating in your program feel like they are interacting with your native website. Affiliate program software offers you the same robust referral tracking and rewards payouts as referral software, but it lacks on the design customization and integration with your business tools - like your CRM, or your logged in environment, or your website.

Referral software has been known to increase the loyalty of your customers for two main reasons: one is that they are rewarded, which makes them feel like you value them and they are important to your business. The other reason is that the more buying happens in clusters (like groups of friends and families), the more people are likely to stick to a brand. Think about families that all own apple watches and iPhones, and friends that all have the same hobby, all these clusters create a circle of trust and loyalty that is impossible to engineer with any other marketing channels.

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