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Everything you need to build, launch and automate your own referral program, now any business of any size can integrate their referral program with our Zapier App. Get more customers and grow your business on autopilot with Zapier and Referral Factory.

Custom Integrations For Referral Programs

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What is Zapier referral program integration

What Is Zapier Integration

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Referral Factory is an easy-to-use, no-code platform that allows you to build, launch and run powerful referral programs in just a few minutes. Start by building a referral program, and when you’re ready to start generating more referrals, easily integrate with Zapier. A Zapier referral program lets you connect Referral Factory with thousands of the most popular apps and run a hassle-free referral campaign.
Now any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs can get more customers and grow their brand with our referral program software.
Zapier allows its users to automate almost any workflow you can imagine through web app integrations. Connecting more than +3000 apps, Zapier helps to simplify a variety of processes without the help of a developer. Automating repetitive tasks between two or more apps, a Zapier referral program offers a powerful solution to reducing the manual administration of running a referral program. By following a simple “When this happens, do that” command a Zapier referral program moves information between your web apps on auto-pilot. From referral links to reminder emails, or managing and qualifying successful referrals, running a Zapier referral program will help to scale your referral program as it grows.
Zapier integration with Referral Factory

Referral Factory Is The Perfect Integration For Zapier

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Our referral marketing software offers everything you need to build, launch and manage your own referral program through Zapier. Now any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs can get more customers and grow their business with Referral Factory and Zapier.
Automate your referral program when you integrate your Referral Factory account with Zapier. Our Zapier integration app allows Referral Factory customers to connect their Zapier referral program with the world's most widely used workflow apps and Zapier's full range of niche apps too.
Fully integrate your Zapier referral program with +3,000 web apps in minutes. The easiest way to automate your workflows, your Zapier integrated referral program moves information between your web apps automatically, allowing you to prioritize your time on your most important tasks.
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Get your referral program up and running in minutes.

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Build unlimited campaigns using our drag-and-drop referral marketing software.

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Style your referral program to look and feel on-brand.

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Connect Zapier to your referral program without writing a line of code.

Whether you are a small to medium business looking to launch at scale or an established brand wanting an end-to-end enterprise solution, get more customers and grow your business when you connect your apps and automate workflows with the Referral Factory Zapier integration app.
Zapier automated acquisition

Automated Acquisitions Just For You

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Automated customer acquisition using Zapier + your referral program is the best way to reduce the administration and sometimes tedious work of managing a referral program. Automating routine tasks and repetitive referral program processes, your Zapier referral program manages customer acquisition on autopilot.
And while referral program automation can improve productivity and reduce your workload, it can also be very effective in reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
By following a straightforward “when this happens, do that” command, your Zapier referral program will move your referral leads through your customer acquisition process without you having to lift a finger or click a button.
Now any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs can automate their referral program with Referral Factory and Zapier. We’ve made it easier than ever to automate customer acquisition when you connect your referral program to Zapier.
Simply build a referral program and connect it to your Zapier web apps, define "when this happens, do that" triggers and outcomes and see how easy it is to.
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Automate high-quality lead generation

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Onboard new customers

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Watch your business grow

Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels

Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin

Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value

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Zapier Referral Program Integration

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Connect Referral Factory with Zapier to automate rewards for your referral program.

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How We Integrate With Zapier

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Everything you need to get more referrals with your Zapier referral program, now any business of any size can run automated referral programs with Referral factory and Zapier. To launch a referral program and integrate it with Zapier you will need:
A Referral Factory Basic, Pro, or Enterprise subscription and a Zapier account.
Now you have an automated way to send all new referred leads from Referral Factory to the preferred 3rd party software of your choice.
For more detailed information on how to build and launch a Zapier referral program using our Zapier app, sign up to try our software for free. Access our step-by-step help guide and follow the easy-to-use instructions to automate your referral program with Referral factory and Zapier.
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    Build your referral program with our easy-to-use drag and drop campaign builder + Zapier.
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    Set up a zap in Zapier using one of our various pre-built Zapier templates.
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    Set up the ‘New Users’ zap to send newly referred users from Referral Factory to your preferred third-party software. OR add users to your referral program with the ‘Add Users’ Zap.
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    Set up the ‘Qualify Users’ zap to send the unique referral code back to Referral Factory when a referred user converts.
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    Automate your Zapier referral program and watch your business grow.
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