Pipedrive Referral Program

Use Referral Factory and Pipedrive together to get more referrals and grow your business. Offering everything you need to build, launch, promote and track your referral program. Easy setup that connects directly to your Pipedrive CRM.

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Pipedrive Referral
Program Integration

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Referral Program Pipedrive

Get More Deals Referred To You

Want to get more deals referred your way? Then build your referral campaign in Referral Factory and integrate it with Pipedrive, this will ensure smooth automation of your whole workflow while running your referral program. Get more deals and contacts referred to you by asking your current Pipedrive contacts to refer friends.

As soon as your shiny new referral program starts generating new deals for you, you can send them directly into the Pipedrive workflows you already use.

By connecting Referral Factory to Pipedrive you can:

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Generate referral links for all your Pipedrive contacts.

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Send your new referred users (leads or deals) directly into the CRM workflows you already use.

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Qualify the referred deals that convert simply by updating a status in Pipedrive or moving a deal to a new stage in Pipedrive.

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Automatically issue rewards to the contacts who refer new business your way.

When combined with Referral Factory, Pipedrive helps to automate many of the manual tasks associated with managing a referral program. You can build a referral program without hiring a developer and without any referral marketing experience - then connect it to Pipedrive and watch your pipeline start growing 🚀

Generate Referral Links For Your Pipedrive Contacts

Use the sync feature to generate referral links for all your contacts in Pipedrive, then ask them to refer more deals your way (in exchange for rewards). It really is that easy to turn one deal into two, all you need to do is use Referral Factory and Pipedrive together.

And, as an approved Pipedrive app, customers using Referral Factory are assured they are using the very best referral software on the market right now. Our no-code referral software (with a deep Pipedrive app integration) is rated #1 by top sales and marketing experts across the globe.

Referral Factory makes it easy for any business to build and manage their own Pipedrive referral program - this is an excellent way to accelerate your dealflow. Use our referral software to build powerful referral campaigns, then sync your Pipedrive contacts and send them referral links so they can easily refer more deals and contacts your way.

With Referral Factory you also get:

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Access 100+ referral program templates, designed by HubSpot experts.

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A way to automate asking your customers to refer friends.

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The tools you need to generate more high-quality leads .

Referrals CRM

Automate Getting More Referred Leads Into Pipedrive

Now any business, anywhere, can automate getting more deals into Pipedrive by using our referral integration. Launching a referral program is the best way to acquire more customers without having to spend more budget on paid advertising. Ask your contacts to spread the word about your business and see how many new deals they could send your way!

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Manage and track your customer referral program through Pipedrive.

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Convert referrals by updating a lead status in Pipedrive, or moving a deal to a specific stage.

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Always know who referred who and who needs a reward - and automate issuing them.

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Issue existing Pipedrive contacts with referral links, and get them referring to generate more deals for your business!

Automate Geting More Referred Leads
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Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin
Referred customers also spend 13.2% more on average
Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value
Referral Factory was voted the #1 no-code referral software

Connect A Pipedrive Referral Program To Your Referral Program Software

A Pipedrive referral program is a word-of-mouth marketing tactic that encourages customers to advocate on behalf of your brand. If you use Pipedrive that means you have a base of customers already that you can ask for referrals - great news! Once your referral program is launched (using referral program software like Referral Factory), you can connect it directly to Pipedrive so that your data can be synced between the two platforms, you also can make sure your new referred leads, contacts, or deals go straight into the Pipedrive workflows your business already uses.

Here are five reasons you should connect your referral program to Pipedrive:

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So that you can auto generate referral links for all or some of your contacts in Pipedrive. By having a users referral link right inside your Pipedrive CRM it makes it easy to include asking for a referral in your sales processes and marketing efforts.

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So that when you get a new referred deal, you can send that new deal straight from your referral software and into your Pipedrive workflows.

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Automatically qualify the referrals you get that convert - whether they reach a certain deal stage, or property is changed, there are many ways for you to automatically let Referral Factory know that a referred user converted simply by making an update in Pipedrive. This is because our integration allows the two systems to talk to each other.

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Sync all your referrers data into Pipedrive so that you can see how many referrals each contact has generated, and how many of those referrals have converted.

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Automatically reward your Pipedrive customers that generate referrals for you - the rewards get issued from your referral software but because your Pipedrive is synced this can happen in an automated way.

The Pipedrive referral program integration comes included in all Referral Factory plans, no matter what type of account you’re on you can seamlessly connect your Pipedrive to your referral program software.