Host Your Own Data

No legals. No fuss. Manage your own risk.

Set up your own server and database. This means Referral Factory does not see or host any of your user data, only you do. One day setup. Limited coding required.

This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.

*See how it works here.

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Book A Demo To Learn How It Works
Book a demo with Referral Factory to learn how you can host your own user data, meaning you’re in control of your own data security protocols.

Create Your Referral Program

You build your referral campaign on Referral Factory, setting up the design, the rules, the rewards, the email templates and more. Your marketing and sales team can edit campaigns, and launch new ones, with no assistance needed from developers.
Upload Your Own Coupons

Connect Your Own Data Server

When new users sign up or are added to your referral campaign, meaning they are registering their information - that data goes to a server you setup, in your own environment, with your own security protocols.

Encrypt Your Data

From there your data is encrypted and sent back to Referral Factory. Your marketing team can then control all campaign settings from inside Referral Factory, they can also qualify users, issue rewards, view referral analytics - all just with encrypted data.

Access Control Your Own Data

There is then a second more secure login, which lives on your own server and can be access controlled by your team, all teammates will require 2FA to log in. Referral Factory does not have access to this portal, as your user data is stored here.

Compliance Made Simple

Host your own data. Control your own security.

If data privacy and security is high up on your checklist for a software vendor, then this might be a solution you’re yet to consider. Hosting your own data is one days setup, but after that you can have peace of mind that you host, control, and secure your valuable customer data.
Your marketing team will be able to edit and control campaigns ongoing, without any further input from your engineers. This gives your marketing team full control of your referral engine ongoing!

How The Data Flows


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