ServiceTitan Referral Program

Referral Factory is the only no-code referral program software on the market that offers a deep ServiceTitan app integration, bringing referral program software to plumbing, HVAC, garage door, electrical companies and other field service businesses. Benefit from an easy-to-use solution that enables you to create, launch, promote, and monitor your referral program.

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Referral Program

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Referral Program ServiceTitan

Generate Referral Links For Your ServiceTitan Contacts

Use the sync feature between Referral Factory and ServiceTitan to effortlessly generate referral links for every contact stored in your database. By implementing this seamless integration, you can establish a consistent strategy for incentivizing your customers to refer their friends. This proactive approach will effectively amplify your word-of-mouth marketing endeavors and actively promote the growth of your home services business.

Referral Factory simplifies the process for businesses to create and oversee their ServiceTitan referrals. No coding or referral marketing expertise is necessary. Take advantage of our referral program software to build impactful referral campaigns.

With Referral Factory, you also get:

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Access 100+ referral program templates for home services businesses

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A way to automate asking your customers to refer friends

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The tools you need to generate more high quality leads

Send Referred Leads into ServiceTitan

Once your referral program is up and running, Referral Factory’s integration with your ServiceTitan CRM means that new referred leads can be instantly sent into your typical workflows, so you never miss the opportunity to get a new customer. As the referrals come in, you can easily mark them as successful, simply by updating their lead or job status in ServiceTitan.

An easy-to-use ServiceTitan app for any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs.

Use your referral program to:

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Track and manage the status of your referred ServiceTitan contacts.

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Send your new referred contacts directly into your ServiceTitan workflows.

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Qualify successful referrals simply by updating a status in ServiceTitan.

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Automatically issue rewards to the contacts who refer new business your way.

Integrating your referral program software with your ServiceTitan CRM can streamline the process of running a manual referral program and minimize the time it takes to see results. By utilizing Referral Factory, you can effortlessly create a powerful customer referral program in just a few minutes. Using Referral Factory’s referral program software with ServiceTitan simplifies the process of referrals for both you and your customers.

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Automate Getting More ServiceTitan Referrals

Using a ServiceTitan referral program for automated lead generation is a highly effective method for acquiring more customers without the need to increase your budget for paid advertising. By automating the process of generating leads and managing routine referral program workflows, your ServiceTitan referral program takes care of customer acquisition effortlessly. This not only enhances productivity and reduces your workload but also significantly lowers the overall cost of acquiring customers.

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Manage and track your customer referral program through ServiceTitan.

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Send referred leads directly into ServiceTitan.

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Convert referrals by updating their lead status or job status in ServiceTitan.

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Always know who referred who and who needs a reward — and automate issuing them

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Issue existing ServiceTitan contacts with referral links, and get them referring to generate more leads for your business!

Automate Geting More Referred Leads
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Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin
Referred customers also spend 13.2% more on average
Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value
Referral Factory was voted the #1 no-code referral software
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Connect A ServiceTitan Referral Program To Your Referral Program Software

A ServiceTitan referral program is a marketing strategy that relies on customers spreading the word about your brand. If you are a ServiceTitan user, you already have a customer base that you can approach for referrals, which gives you a great advantage. After launching your referral program (using software like Referral Factory), you can seamlessly integrate it with ServiceTitan, allowing your data to be synchronized between the two platforms. Additionally, you can ensure that any new leads referred to you are automatically directed to the ServiceTitan workflows that your business already uses.

Here are five compelling reasons to connect your referral program to ServiceTitan:

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Simplify the process of generating referral links for all or only your active contacts in ServiceTitan. By having a user's referral link readily available within your ServiceTitan CRM, you can effortlessly incorporate referral requests into your sales processes and marketing initiatives.

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Streamline the management of new referrals by seamlessly sending them from your referral software directly into your ServiceTitan workflows. This ensures a smooth transition and efficient handling of new leads.

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Automate the qualification of referrals that convert by leveraging the integration between Referral Factory and ServiceTitan. Whether a referred user reaches a specific lead or job status, you can easily update Referral Factory through ServiceTitan, allowing both systems to communicate and recognize successful conversions.

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Gain valuable insights into your referrers' performance by syncing all their data into ServiceTitan. This enables you to track the number of referrals generated by each contact and determine how many of those referrals have ultimately converted.

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Automatically reward your ServiceTitan contacts who generate referrals for you. The rewards are issued through your referral software, but thanks to the synchronization with your CRM, this process can be completely automated, saving you time and effort.

The ServiceTitan app integration comes included in all Referral Factory plans, no matter what type of account you’re on you can seamlessly connect ServiceTitan to your referral software.