Custom Integrations For Referral Programs

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Build a fully automated, advanced referral program by using our flexible API, Javascript, or our Webhook functionality. We've made it incredibly easy for any business to build, launch and automate their own referral program using our powerful API. You can use our custome integrations to send your new referred leads directly into the business processes you already use, and once they convert you can use these same integrations to qualify these referred leads.
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Send the leads generated from your referral program directly to your CRM.
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Qualify your referrals automatically using the API, Javascript or Webhooks.
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Create your own user notifications for the person referring and the person invited.
Our API offers a powerful solution to reduce the manual admin of running a referral program together with added flexibility to scale your referral program as it grows. Build leaderbords, issue your own rewards. Anything is possible if you use our API to automate your referral program.
Javascript referral program integration

Javascript Integrations for Referral Programs

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Get more referrals and grow your business using Javascript integrations for your referral program. Our Javascript integration allows you to qualify referred leads on autopilot. Manage new customer referrals using a Javascript snippet allowing you to track when new leads convert and who needs to be rewarded.
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Send all referred leads directly to your website or platform.

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Track and manage customer status directly in your own environment.

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Qualify successful referrals with a simple status update.

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Easily see referred leads and which of your referrers need to be rewarded.

Automating your referral program using Javascript integration will help keep the tedious administration of managing and tracking referred leads to a minimum and reduce the time it takes to see results. When making use of the Referral Factory Javascript integration please see the technical support document and share it with your developers. This document will explain how to install the script, together with sample code, and how to use Javascript to qualify referred leads.
Webhook integration for referral program

Webhook Integrations

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Now any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs can automate their referral program using Webhook integration. A lightweight API that allows Referral Factory customers to share referral information between different software systems, our Webhook integration allows for different applications to send data from one system to the next in real-time.
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Outbound Webhook Integration

Our outbound webhook allows you to send user data out of Referral Factory to any endpoint.
Send user data to other applications in real-time.
Get notified when you have a new referred user, and also when a referred user converts.
Integrate with Zapier or Airtable and many others.
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Inbound Webhook Integration

Send the code of your referred user to this endpoint, to notify us that they have converted.
Send the code of a referred user to qualify them.
Qualify your referred users automatically in real-time.
Visit our help guide for more detailed steps on how to qualify referrals using inbound webhooks and how to use a webhook to send user data out.
Scale Up With The Referral Factory API

Scale Up With The Referral Factory API

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Our API Referral Program integration offers a powerful referral marketing solution.Helping to automate routine and repetitive tasks of managing, tracking and qualifying referral leads, our API Referral Program integration brings you added flexibility to how you manage your referral program. Allowing any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs to automate their referral program API integration keeps the cost of customer acquisition low and their lifetime value high.
From referral links and reminder emails to managing and qualifying successful referrals, our API Referral Program integration will also help to scale your referral program as it grows.
We’ve made it easier than ever to automate your referral program with API Referral Program integration.
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Easily integrate your referral campaign with the business processes you already use.

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Manage and track your referral program through our API integration.

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Qualify referred leads when they successfully convert.

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Remotely manage new referrals and their status changes.

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Easily identify who referred who and when.

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Connect your referral tracking process with issuing of rewards.

Whether you are a small to medium business looking to launch at scale or an established brand wanting an end-to-end enterprise solution, get more customers and grow your business using our API referral program integration.
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