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No matter whether you want to start small or launch at scale, there is a pricing plan to suit your needs. Every plan comes with a 15 day free trial, and you don’t need a developer to get started.
Referral Factory Pricing
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15 Days Free and then
$95 per month
Everything you need to get started
Up to 25 000 users
Unlimited campaigns
Access 1000+ referral program templates
Page builder
15 Days Free and then
$200 per month
Everything on Starter
Up to 100 000 users
Unlimited campaigns
Integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zapier and many more
Qualify your referrals using a Javascript snippet, webhooks, integrations, or our API
Add remarketing scripts to campaigns
Add coupons
Add teammates to your account
Turn on fraud alerts
Additional options for user notifications
API Access
15 Days Free and then
$300 per month
Everything on Basic
Up to 100 000 users
Unlimited campaigns
Remove branding on widgets
Turn on user verification
Priority support and campaign reviews
Add your fonts
Your Own Plan
15 Days Free and then
$200 per month
What is counted as a user?
Every user that joins a campaign, either as a person referring or a person invited, counts as a user.

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Why Customers Choose Referral Factory

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Easy to use
Easy to use software. No developers needed.
1000+ Free Referral
1000+ campaign templates, for every type of business.
Campaign reviews from top referral marketing experts.
Your Campaigns
Your pages that look and feel 100% like your brand.
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Testimonials From Our Customers

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The company's support, the simplicity to set up a campaign, the time to deploy, and just how cool it looks, won the day. The drag and drop interface is very easy to use - and once my campaign was live the results were outstanding. Every brand should have a referral program for sure.
Steve, Director of Strategy @ MVSN TV.
Our team just loves Referral Factory! We don’t have any developers or technical marketers in-house so the drag-and-drop page builder is a lifesaver. The referral campaigns are easy to setup and we’ve been impressed with the performance so far - what a powerful lead generation tool!
Sarah, Marketer @ Push Media Growth Agency.
Using Referral Factory we managed to get more people signing up for pension reviews than any other marketing channel we’ve tried. The quality of the leads generated through our referral program was excellent, and we were able to easily tell who needed to be rewarded for their referrals.
Ryan, Head of Projects @ Reeves Independent.
Referral management software

Best Referral Management Software In The Market Right Now

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Everything you'd expect from powerful referral management software, get more referrals and grow your business with the best referral management software in the market right now. Build unlimited referral campaigns using our drag-and-drop referral management system and style your referral program to look and
feel on-brand. Referral Factory offers the best no-code referral management software on the market. And, with various integration features, our referral management system allows you to connect your referral program with other business tools without help from a developer. With different pricing options to suit every budget, now any business of any size can build referral programs with our platform.
Whether you are a small to medium business looking to launch at scale or an established brand wanting an end-to-end enterprise solution, we offer the best referral management system suited to your needs. Backed by industry leaders in business growth, and with data to prove it, here's why we are the referral management software of choice:
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Over 100 000 referrals generated for our customers in 2021.

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Listed as #1 referral software by Influencer Marketing Hub.

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Promoted by Growth Marketing Pro, and The Digital Agency Network.

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The only referral app officially certified by HubSpot.

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Rated 4.8 on Capterra, from customer reviews.

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Rated the #1 referral software on SourceForge.

Referral management software

All In One Platform With Easy-To-Use Interface

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Our referral management software makes it easy for any business to build and manage their own referral program - no developers needed. Use our referral management system to build referral campaigns, and invite your customers to refer their friends. The Referral Factory platform makes it easier than ever
to track and manage your campaign with referral tracking solutions that help you to monitor your referrals. Use our referral management software to export all your data by CSV, or use integrations to send leads to other platforms like Hubspot, Intercom, Salesforce, Zapier, and more. Whether you are a small to medium business looking to launch at scale or an established brand wanting an end-to-end enterprise solution, Referral Factory offers an all-in-one referral solution.
Advantages of using referral management software:
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More affordable than developing an in-house solution

Referral management software offers a cost-effective solution to an otherwise expensive in-house development project
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Instant plug and play

Get your referral program up and running in minutes, without lengthy (and expensive) development and coding time.
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Built for marketers and businesses that want to grow

Build your referral program from scratch or choose from 1000+ pre-built referral templates modeled off successful referral case studies.
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No experience needed

Now anyone can build and launch powerful referral programs without any referral marketing experience necessary.
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Guaranteed referral success

Access a team of experienced referral marketing professionals guaranteed to help make your referral program a success.
Referral management platform

Affordable Referral Software - There Is A Plan For Everyone

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Everything you need to build, launch and manage your own referral program. And with flexible pricing options, now any business of any size can use our software. Unlock a high-quality, sustainable growth channel when you use our referral management system. Whether you want to start small or launch at scale our referral management software is available on a pricing plan to suit your needs.
Get your referral program up and running in a matter of minutes using our referral management software and watch your business grow.
Putting the power of your referral program back in your hands, now marketers and business owners across a multitude of industries can build, launch, and run fully automated referral programs without writing a line of code, or having to hire a developer. Some of the most popular and emerging industries to get more referrals and grow their business with referral marketing include:
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Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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Skincare and beauty.

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Hotels, hospitality and restaurants.

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Health and wellness.

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Banking, investment and finance.

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Real estate and property.

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Education and e-learning.

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