Integrate With The Workflows You Already Use

Connect your referral program directly into the business workflows you already use, with integrations. This makes it easy for you to generate referral links for all your customers, manage your new referrals, and more. Our onboarding team will even help you setup your first integration 🤝

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Offering Deep Integrations With
Most CRMs And Zapier

Our integrations make it easier than ever to automate your referral program.
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Automate Your Referral Program With CRM Integrations

When you get a new referral, send it directly to your CRM, database, or website.
Qualify your referrals
Qualify the referrals if it converts by updating a status or trigger in your CRM.
Create your notifications
Generate a referral links for your new customer that converted. Repeat the process and grow!
Referral factory integrations
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Scale Up With The Referral
Factory API

As you grow with referral marketing, you may need more flexibility in how you manage your referral marketing program. Our API enables you to:
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Add new users to your campaign, and issue them with referral links.
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Send new referred users to any endpoint using webhooks or Zapier.
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Qualify ‘referred’ users once they successfully convert.
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View, update or delete user records.
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Get notified when a reward needs to be issued.
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Why Are Referral Integrations Important?

Integrations with your referral program software help you streamline your referral efforts and automate your referral program. In most cases you would integrate your referral program directly with your CRM, your payment gateway, or to any other app you use to manage your customers - through Zapier.

Referral integrations save you time and money, and they ensure your customers have an overall better experience when participating in your referral program. Below you can see just a few of the benefits you’ll get by integrating your referral program software with the workflows and customer management tools you already use:

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Increased efficiency: integrating your referral program software with other platforms such as CRM software and email marketing tools, can help you automate the process that happens after a new referral is generated - this will save you time and increasing your efficiency.

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Enhanced referral tracking: integrating your referral program software with your website or CRM software can help you track referrals and converted referrals more accurately, enabling you to measure the success of your referral program and make data-driven decisions on how to improve and grow it.

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Improved customer experience: integrating your referral program software with your website or CRM software can provide a seamless customer experience, making it easier for your sales team to reach out to your new referred customers and know that they were referred.

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Better communication: integrating your referral program software with email marketing and chat software can help you communicate more effectively with your customers, in a way they already are used to - you can send them reminders and updates about your referral program as part of your monthly marketing push.

Overall, integrating your referral program software with other platforms can help you streamline the referral process, increase efficiency, and ultimately close more referred deals faster.