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Now Referral Factory customers can integrate their Intercom referral program, send all referred leads directly to Intercom, and qualify them with a simple status update. Build, launch and automate your referral program with our one-click, no-code Intercom App.

Intercom Referral Program Integration

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Intercom referral software integration

Intercom Integration Is Here

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As a leader in customer communications Intercom allows you to personalize customer conversations, promote your referral program and start conversations with newly captured leads. Your Intercom referral program makes it possible to:
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Send new referred leads directly to Intercom.

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Qualify new referrals with a simple status update in Intercom.

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At a glance see who referred who, who needs a reward and when to reward them.

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Have more control and customisation over your user notifications.

To build hassle-free, and easy-to-use referral programs, Referral Factory offers a cost-effective, comprehensive Intercom integration for every type of referral campaign. Connect your Intercom account directly to your referral program, to send your referred leads directly to your Intercom CRM. You can then qualify them with a simple lead status update inside your Intercom account. Your Intercom referral program helps to run a more efficient referral program by automating repetitive and routine workflows. And your Intercom referral program makes it easier to see which referred leads are qualified and who needs to be rewarded.
Whether you are a small to medium business looking to launch at scale or an established brand wanting an end-to-end enterprise solution, get more customers and grow your business with an Intercom referral program.
Promote your referral program with Intercom

Promote Your Referral Program With Intercom

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Everything you need to build, launch and manage your own Intercom referral program, get more customers and grow your business with our Intercom app. We’ve made it easier than ever to promote your referral program with Intercom. Now Intercom customers can integrate their Intercom referral program and send all referred customer leads directly to Intercom, and qualify them with a simple status update.
Our Intercom integration app will also help reduce the manual admin of running a referral program while offering added flexibility to scale your referral program as it grows.
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Manage and track your referral program through Intercom.

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Add referred leads as contacts directly in Intercom.

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Convert referrals by updating a lead status or life cycle stage.

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Easily identify the referrer so you know who to reward and when.

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Issue existing customers with their own referral link.

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Promote your referral campaign by including contact referral links in your workflows.

Allowing any business of any size to automate their referral program our Intercom integration app aims to keep the cost of customer acquisition low and their lifetime value high. From sending referral links to reminder messaging, customer status updates, and fulfilling rewards, promote your referral program with Intercom and Referral Factory.
Automated customer acquisition

Automated Customer Acquisitions Just For You

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Automated customer acquisition using an Intercom referral program is the best way to reduce the administration and sometimes tedious work of managing a manual referral program. Automating repetitive tasks and routine referral program workflows, your Intercom referral program manages customer acquisition on autopilot.
And while automated customer acquisition can improve productivity and reduce your workload, it can also be very effective in reducing the overall cost of customer acquisition too.
Use our software to build referral campaigns, and invite your customers to refer their friends and when the leads start rolling in, send them directly to your Intercom CRM to qualify them, and follow up. Now any business of any size and with different referral marketing needs can automate their referral program with an Intercom Referral program.

Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels

Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin

Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value

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Intercom Referral Program Integration

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Connect Referral Factory with Intercom to automate rewards for your referral program.

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How We Integrate With Intercom

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Helping you to generate high-quality leads, onboard new customers and increase sales see how to integrate your Intercom referral program.
To run a hassle-free Intercom referral program you need:
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A Intercom account.

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A Basic, Pro, or Enterprise subscription with Referral Factory.

Once your Intercom referral program is up and running your referrals start rolling in they will be automatically sent to you Intercom account for you to manage these in one single view.
For more detailed information on how to build and launch an Intercom referral program using our Intercom integration app, sign up to try our software for free. Access our step-by-step help guide and follow the easy-to-use instructions to automate your referral program with Referral Factory and Intercom.
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    Connect your Intercom account in the settings tab on the left side navigation bar.
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    Define what data you want to push from your Intercom referral program into your Intercom CRM
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    Decide how you want to qualify your referrals.
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    Filter new referred customer leads in your Intercom CRM making it easy to which new leads have been captured from your referral program.
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