Amazon Vouchers

Choose when a user should be rewarded with an Amazon gift card, and how much that reward should be. With Referral Factory you can now authorize and issue Amazon gift cards directly to any of the users in your referral campaigns. You can issue Amazon vouchers to the person invited as an incentive, and the person referring as a reward. Give your referral program a boost by offering Amazon vouchers as a reward for a successful referral.
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Reward Amazon Voucher

Digital Cash Card

Reward users for referring their friends with cash on a digital Visa or Marstercard. These digital cards are delivered straight to the users inbox, and can be used for any online shopping that has a credit card checkout. Choose how much you want each digital cash card to loaded with, and Referral Factory will take care of issuing them based on the rules you set up in your referral campaign. Please note: no physical card is issued with this reward type.
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Reward Digital Card

Cash via PayPal

When it comes to rewarding users for referring their friends or network, cash is King! Now you can issue cash rewards directly to users through Referral Factory. First choose your cash reward amount, then define your rules for when a reward should be issued, then sit back and let our referral software do the rest for you! Cash is issued through PayPal.
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Reward Paypal Card

Add Your Own Reward

Want to issue your own branded gift card as a reward? Or a coupon of your own? No problem! With our referral marketing software you can load your reward, set your own rules for when it should be issued, and then use our referral tracking tools to manage who needs to be rewarded and when. Our referral platform offers everything you need to create bold customer referral programs, with your own branded rewards.
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Reward Gift
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