Issue Your Referral Rewards And Incentives Automatically

Use our referral program software to automate your referral campaigns from end to end. Referral Factory offers rewards like digital cash cards, over 200 vouchers, upload your own coupons, or you issue your rewards through Zapier or webhooks.

Referral Rewards
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Offering Rewards In 50+ Countries

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Reward The Person Referring Or The Person Invited Or Both!

With our no-code referral software it’s easy to offer rewards to both the person referring and the person invited. We strongly advise using a double-sided reward mechanic because the data shows that referral campaigns that have both a reward and an incentive are 2x more likely to succeed.

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Reward referrers

Upload Your Own Coupons

With Referral Factory you can upload your own unique coupons and add them to your campaign as either incentives for the person invited, or rewards for the person referring, or both! You can also use the coupons that get redeemed to qualify referred users. Coupons can be uploaded, customised, and easily added to your referral program pages.
Gift cards and digital cash cards

Cash Or Gift Voucher

Looking to offer referral rewards as gift cards or cash? We’ve got you covered! Our referral software offers multiple ways to pay out cash rewards through PayPal or Digital Cash Cards. You can also choose from over 200+ gift cards offered by our rewards parters. You can even offer your users charity donations instead of gift cards. The options we provide for referral rewards are endless.
Reward through Zapier

Reward Through Zapier

Connect to many different rewards partners through Zapier, you can send a zap every-time a reward needs to be issued (along with the details of the person due a reward). Customers use our Zaps to issue rewards on Stripe, Shopify, and various swag platforms like
Add your own rewards

Issue Your Own

Want to issue your own reward? No problem! Our rewards module will make it easy for you to see which users are due rewards, and which users have already been issued rewards. Customers often use this feature when rewarding in points, credits, or discounts, that only they can issue.
Rewards Webhook Trigger

Use Webhooks To Issue Rewards

Fire a webhook every time a reward needs to be issued, passing along the details of the person being rewarded or the person that needs an incentive. This method is often used when rewarding users with your own assets like rewards points, credit in their mobile wallet, or any reward that can be automatically issued by you - as soon as our system sends a webhook to your endpoint.
Stripe rewards as credits or coupons

Stripe Credits And Coupons

You can issue Stripe coupons and credits as both rewards for the person referring, and incentives for the person invited. If you use our no-code Stripe integration you can easily offer rewards to your Stripe customers. Our Stripe integration offers many more features too, you can read about them here.

Automate Your Referral Program With Built In Rewards

Our plug and play referral software offers everything you need to build, launch, and run your own referral program - including the issuing of your rewards and incentives. With Referral Factory you can create rewards based on rules, and then issue them in bulk once you’ve approved them. With a stand alone rewards module thats flexible, powerful, and offers a wide range of rewards, you’ll get the most value out of our referral management software as you can use it to do everything from building your referral program all the way through to issuing rewards when you actually get referrals. Everything you need to run a fully automated customer referral program at scale.

With great rewards and incentives built into the core of your referral program, you’ll be more likely to succeed and get referrals from your customers. This is why hundreds of customers choose Referral Factory every month to manage their referral programs and issue their referral rewards. Referral marketing has never been this easy!

Here are the top five rewards you can access through our referral program software:

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Digital Visa cards are the most popular rewards we see being issued to customers, as a thank you for referring friends. You can issue a digital visa card in over 200 countries and in multiple currencies. This reward is a great way to motivate people to refer their friends because its a digital-cash-in-hand payout. People prefer to choose what they want as a reward and thats why cash is a great option! You can issue digital cash cards directly from the rewards module in our referral management software.

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Amazon vouchers are a popular reward too, because everyone loves to go shopping! Most B2C referral programs offer Amazon vouchers as a way to encourage referrals and drive brand advocates to spread the word.

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Our advanced referral management software also gives you the option to upload your own codes or coupons and issue them as rewards and incentives - this means you can issue rewards to your customers (and potential new customers) in the form of coupons that they can use in your store or on your website. Coupons are a great referral reward because they allow you retain customers better when you get referrals - because the reward can only be spent on your products and services in future.

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Rewards through Zapier - all you need to do is setup your reward in Referral Factory, and connect your referral program directly to Zapier to issue your rewards.

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You can also use our reward webhook functionality to connect your referral management software directly to your own systems to issue points, credits, and discounts.

Referral incentives

Rewards Your Customers For Referring Friends

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