Zoho Referral Program Integration

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Zoho referral program integration

Zoho CRM Integration Is Here

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Everything you'd expect from a Zoho referral program, get more customers and grow your business with our Zoho CRM integration app. Referral Factory makes it easy for Zoho users to build, launch and fully automate your referral program with our one-click, no-code Zoho Integration.
With Zoho CRM, you can manage, connect, and automate business processes across your organization already - and now you can launch and multiple referral campaigns as well! Integrate your referral program using Zoho’s powerful suite of software together with Referral Factory to automate your Zoho referral program and transform the way you acquire new customers.

Use your Zoho referral program to:

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Easily ask your fans and customers to refer their friends.

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Send all referred leads directly to a linked Zoho CRM.

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Track and manage who referred who.

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Qualify successful referrals with a simple status update in Zoho CRM.

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Easily see which of your referrers need to be rewarded.

Integrating your Zoho referral program with your Zoho CRM will also help to reduce the manual admin of managing a referral program, while reducing your overall cost per lead at the same time. Now any business of any size can build a hassle-free referral program and sync it directly with the Zoho business processes you already know and use.
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Promote Your Referral Program With Zoho

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Get more customers, convert new leads and grow your business when you integrate your referral program with Zoho CRM and its suite of apps. Our Zoho CRM integration app offers the most straightforward way to build and launch a fully customisable Zoho referral program. Style your referral program to look and feel on-brand, building it from scratch or using one of the many pre-built templates.
Our easy-to-use referral software makes it easy for users to refer their friends. And, when the leads start rolling in, send them directly to your Zoho CRM to qualify and convert them into new customers.
Promote your Zoho referral program with our advanced integration, offering features that make it easy to:
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Accelerate your lead generation by getting more referrals

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Send your referred leads directly to your Zoho CRM.

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Use Zoho CRM to track, manage and qualify your referred leads in a single place.

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Let Referral Factory know when a referred lead converts!

With a Zoho referral program you can connect, automate and scale your referral program by actively promoting it to your customer base. Our Zoho CRM app was designed to help you to reach more customers and grow your business faster than any other paid-for media channel.
Automated customer acquisition

Lead Generation On Autopilot

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Generate leads on autopilot using a Zoho referral program - it’s the easiest way to fast track customer acquisition. Ask your fans, customers and employees to spread the word about your business and watch the leads come rolling in. Referral Factory also helps reduce the manual administration of managing a referral program, by seamlessly connecting your referral program to the Zoho business tools you already use and love.
We’ve made it easier than ever to automate lead generation when you connect your referral program with your Zoho CRM. Ask your customers to refer on autopilot, keep repeating, and grow!
Now any business, be it small or big, can automate their lead generation process by launching a referral program using Zoho CRM and Referral Factory together. Our referral platform will help you generate referrals on autopilot - sending referral links, updating customer status, allocating referral rewards, and much more. If you are ready to get more leads, on autopilot, then you should launch a Zoho referral program today.

Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels

Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin

Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value

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Zoho Referral Program Integration

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Connect Referral Factory with Zoho to automate rewards for your referral program.

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How We Integrate With Zoho

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Connect your Zoho referral program and your Zoho CRM to send referred leads directly to your CRM. Referral Factory syncs with your CRM so that we know which of your referred leads actually convert, and which user needs a reward as a result.
To grow your business using a Zoho referral program you need:
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A Zoho CRM account.

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A Basic, Pro, or Enterprise subscription with Referral Factory.

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At small base of people that you can ask for referrals.

If you’re serious about getting more high quality leads then launch referral program that seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM. You can read more about how this works in this help guide.
Referrals + Zoho CRM = Success!
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    Connect your Zoho CRM account with your Referral Factory profile.
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    Design, build, and customize your referral program (from scratch or by using a template).
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    Set up your Zoho CRM integration and customer referral criteria.
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    Map what data you want to send to Zoho CRM every time you get a new referred lead.
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    Automatically qualify your customer referrals by updating the contact status in Zoho CRM.
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