The Referral Tracking Features You Need

Build a fully customised referral program, track your referrals, issue rewards, and more. Everything you need to get and track referrals in 2024 - all without writing a line of code. You'll also get access to a host of tools to promote your referral program to your customers, deep referral tracking, and rewards. All plans include deep integrations with many CRMs and Stripe. Our referral marketing software is everything you need to manage the referral process.

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Build Your Referral Program

Build Your Referral Program

Use our drag and drop builder to launch your own referral program today, without writing a line of code. Build pages for the person referring, offers for the person invited, set up user notifications, and much more. You can also style your campaign to look and feel 100% on brand. Get everything ready so you can sit back and watch your referral tracking dashboards explode!
Promote Your Referral Program

Promote Your Referral Program

Once your referral program is ready, it’s time to promote it to your users and track your referrals. With Referral Factory you get access to many promotional tools like pop-ups, widgets, join links, the ability to sync your CRM contacts, and much much more. You can fully automate asking your customers to refer their friends with ease! You’ll also get out-of-the-box referral tracking, so it’s easy to know who referred who and who needs a reward.
Referral tracking

Referral Tracking (Built In)

With advanced referral tracking and deep analytics built into the core of our referral marketing software, you’ll have fast access to all the data of your referral program. You can also export all your data by CSV, access it via API, or use one of our many CRM integrations to send data and new referred users to other platforms like Hubspot, Intercom, Salesforce, Stripe, Zoho, Pipedrive, Zapier, or more. Our software gives you the ability to automatically track your referrals out of the box, so you can know that you’re getting the results that you want early.
Reward your fans and customers

Reward Your Users

Fully automate your referral sales from end to end using our free referral tracking template and software. Including the issuing of rewards! With Referral Factory it’s easy to know who is due a reward for bringing you a new customer, and you can then reward them with cash, vouchers, your own coupons, and more. Through our rewards partners you can issue 200+ different rewards, in over 50 countries. And if your users want to track referrals too, we’ve got you covered. All campaigns come with referral data that users can access to track their referrals.
Deep integrations with our referral platform

Automate Your Referral Programs

Our referral tracking software offers you everything you need to automate the management and tracking of your referral marketing program. Say goodbye to your old referral tracking sheet, and list of referral coupon codes, we offer a new (simple) way to build and run powerful branded referral programs. Automate your word of mouth marketing by connecting your CRM, eCommerce store or Stripe, directly to Referral Factory. We also offer other ways to integrate through Zapier, Webhooks, or our API.
Referral Tracking For Users

Referral Tracking For Users

Let your referrers track their progress with customizable tracking pages. It’s simple: you send your users who need to track their referrals a tracking link, they enter their email address and, just like that, they can see all their referral stats, rewards due and issued, and even their conversion rate. You can also show them exactly who they’ve referred and whether that referral has converted with detailed referral participant tracking. So, if you’re running an affiliate program, these pages function just like an affiliate dashboard, keeping your referral tracking transparent for everyone involved.

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Referral Program Builder
Follow our builder steps to create pages for the person referring, and pages for the person invited, using our drag-and-drop builder.
Referral Program Builder
Refer and earn
Easy For Users To Share, Refer and Track
Users can refer friends via WhatsApp, Text, LinkedIn, Email, Telegram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Line and more.
Fraud Alerts
Fraud Alerts
Get notified of suspicious users. Only reward referrers for real, legitimate, converted referrals.
Build a referral program
100% Customizable
Style your campaign to look and feel on-brand. Or create something new by using our referral program templates.
Referral program templates
100+ Templates Of Pre-Built Referral Programs
Get access to hundreds of referral program templates, designed by marketing experts.
Built In Email Notifications
Activate email notifications for the person referring and the person invited. Connect your own mailserver.
Ahrefs referral program
Custom rewards, gift cards, cash cards, and more.
Automatically reward your users for referring friends - either with vouchers, cash, or your own coupons. We offer rewards in 50+ countries.
Referral pop up
Website Pop-Up
Add a pop-up to your website that will prompt your website visitors to grab a referral link to share with friends.
Reminder Emails
Reminder Emails
Set reminder emails to prompt your users to refer a friend every month. You can trigger other repeat events too.
White label referral
Upload your own unique coupons to issue as rewards and incentives to your users. Issue coupons on triggers too.
Refer a friend
Website Widget
Add a widget to your website that will prompt all your website visitors to refer a friend. Traffic boost!
API And Webhooks
Using our API and Webhooks you can fully integrate your referral program into the business workflows you already use.
Referral program api
Add Your Own Domain
Remove all Referral Factory branding and set up your pages on your own website domain. It's a white label option for brands.
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Integrates With Ease
Integrates Easily
With integrations, you can easily connect your referral campaign to 3000+ apps and CRMs.
Referral links
Create Referral Links
Easily create referral links for your customers, fans and affiliates. See how.
Referral campaign manager
Campaign Manager
24/7 always on support that's dedicated to you. This includes integration support and referral campaign management.
Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration
Add teammates to your account. Manage permissions and campaign access from one central place.
Add More Users
20 000 users included in the Basic plan, with the ability to purchase more users as you scale.
Add More Users
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The company's support, the simplicity to set up referral tracking, the time to deploy, and just how cool it looks, won the day. The drag and drop interface is very easy to use - and once my campaign was live the results were outstanding. Every brand should have a referral program for sure. oh and their tracking stops referral fraud too!
Head of Projects @Reeves Independent
Our team just loves Referral Factory! We don't have any developers or technical marketers in-house so the plug and play referral tracking system is a lifesaver. The referral tracking template and campaigns are easy to setup and we've been impressed with the performance so far - what a powerful lead generation tool!
Director of Strategy @ MVSN TV.
Using Referral Factory we managed to get more people signing up for pension reviews than any other marketing channel we've tried. The quality of the leads generated through our referral program was excellent and we were able to easily track referrals, to tell who needed to be rewarded for their multiple referrals. Superb referral marketing tool!
Marketer @ Push Media Growth Agency.

What Referral Marketing Software Features Are Most Important

Referral programs have emerged as a highly effective method for encouraging existing customers to refer your businesses to their friends and family. With the aid of referral marketing software, managing and tracking referrals becomes easier and more efficient. Great referral software will help you leverage your new customers to generate referral sales, and all you have to do is offer a referral reward in exchange!
However, not all referral software is created equal. Whether you are a scaling startup or an established brand aiming to launch a customer referral program, it is crucial to select the right referral tracking system for your needs. Referral marketing can help you acquire many new customers, it can even help you automatically generate links which will become the backbone of your referral process.

Here are some essential features to consider when choosing referral software:

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User-Friendly Referral Marketing Experience
Choose referral software that offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. Your should be able to navigate the software effortlessly, making it easy to setup a referral marketing campaign. It should provide simple solutions for tracking referrals, promoting your referral program, and issuing rewards. Look for software with an intuitive user interface and a straightforward setup process, making it easy to customise the design of your referral program. There are many reasons to track your referral program (using referral data), but you want that experience to be user friendly of course. Here are some other user friendly features to look for:

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Customization Capabilities
Your referral program should align with your business's unique needs and branding. Seek referral program software that allows extensive customization options, including the ability to personalize the program's appearance, landing pages, emails, and referral process. If you don't want to rely on developers, consider a no-code referral program software. By utilizing a page builder, you can swiftly transform your ideas into a fully functional referral program within days. Throw away your old referral tracking sheet, and move a platform like Referral Factory that has been called the google analytics of referrals.

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Effortless Sharing and Tracking for Users
Ensure that the referral software you choose is not only user-friendly for you but also for your customers and referral partners. Users should be able to easily generate their referral links or have them generated on their behalf. Additionally, they should have a straightforward method to track their referrals. A dedicated landing page where users can conveniently monitor the number of referrals generated and their success rates is recommended. Avoid referral software that requires users to create accounts or passwords for tracking their referrals.

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Referral Tracking and Reporting (Built In)
To effectively manage your referral program, accurate data on referrals and rewards is essential. Look for referral tracking software that offers automated referral tracking and reporting capabilities. This will save you time and empower you to make data-driven decisions to evolve your referral program. Key metrics to track include the volume of new referred leads, conversion rates of referred leads, top referrers, social channels utilized by referrers, and more. Make sure your program has fraud detection, referral link generation, referral forms, and even at times a referral tracking templates (meaning a pre-built dashboard to track referrals and referral payouts.

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Referral Reward Management
Your referral program software should simplify the management of rewards. This includes setting up reward criteria, issuing rewards, and tracking reward history. The software should be versatile enough to handle various reward types, such discounts or free products. Also the ability to issue a referral code or referral links. If you are unsure about the specific referral rewards and incentives to offer, opt for a referral tool that provides a wide range of options. Look for software that offers a variety of vouchers and cash rewards, as well as the ability to issue custom rewards manually, through webhooks, or via Zapier integration.

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Integration with Other Tools
Integration with other tools, such as CRM or email marketing software, can greatly streamline and optimize your referral marketing efforts. Choose referral software that offers seamless integration with the tools you currently use, enabling efficient management of your program alongside your other business operations. Integrating your referral program into your marketing funnel ensures that newly referred leads are seamlessly directed into established workflows, while your referral software automatically tracks their conversions. Integrating with your CRM or Stripe, allows for the generation of referral links for existing customer base and new customers. There are many different tools on the market, like Referral Rock and UpViral, but we pride ourselves in helping our customers chase the goals that count: referral revenue. We believe that the best referral marketing campaigns need integrations to scale, so we work hard to deliver deep connections to the other marketing tools you use.

Tracking Referrals Simply - How To Track Word Of Mouth Marketing

Once you’re launched your referral program, you’ll need a way to track your referral marketing programs ROI. If you use a referral tracking system like Referral Factory - you will get advanced referral tracking like 'google analytics' out of the box. This will help you manage your referral traffic, link batches, combat referral fraud, leverage your existing customers, and more. Great marketers know that every marketing channel needs to deliver positive ROI, and for that reason we’ve made referral tracking extremely simple - this is why choosing the right tool to track your referral data in a simple way.

Our goal is to make referral tracking easy, that’s why we offer you 5 simple ways to track your customer referrals and grow your business. Below you can see the five most simple ways that you can (and should) track and monitor your customer referral program. If you use a referral marketing platform, all these features should be build in and referral reports should be easy to generate.

Using the native analytics tool inside our referral program software, you can track and monitor the ROI of your referral marketing program with ease. Advanced referral tracking and analytics will offer you things like graphs that indicate how many of your users are sharing their referral links with friends, a clear metric to track the conversion rate of your referrals, a leaderboard showing you who is generating the most referrals and converted referrals. Tracking referrals should be a daily occurrence, whether its an affiliate program or you're asking your loyal customers to send you referred customers, you'll want to know that you built an effective referral program.

You will also be able to see which social platforms users are sharing their referral links on and much more. Referral tracking through analytics should give you a full overview of every aspect of your referral program's performance.

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Referral tracking spreadsheets (often google sheets)

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Referral tracking from your CRM (to see your referral funnel)

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Referral tracking from your inbox (get notified when new referrals come in)

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Referral tracking through API (if you want all the referral data)

Turn Your Customers Into A Marketing Channel

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