Hire A Campaign Manager To Build Your Referral Program

Want to launch a referral program but don’t have the time and resource to build it? Hire an experienced campaign manager to build, launch, and promote your referral program.

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If you would like to know more about the services our campaign managers provide, book a 15 minute call with our team.

What Your Campaign Manager Will Do

Advise you on the ideal structure, reward and incentive for your referral program.
Build a referral program template just for you, based on your specific business needs.
Help you automate your referral program management through integrations.
Advise you on how to promote your referral program to get maximum referrals.

Services Offered By Your Campaign Manager

If you already know how your referral program will work but you need an extra set of hands to build, promote, and run it - then we suggest hiring a campaign manager. This solution is better suited for businesses that have referral marketing experience but don’t have the time or resources to execute their own strategy.
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A campaign manager helps you bring
A campaign manager helps you bring your referral program idea to life - your campaign manager does all the execution including: BUILDING your program, SETTING UP your integration, ACTIVATING your promotion tools, as well as providing you with weekly reporting on performance.
Always on support provided by ONE person and families to your business
Support provided by ONE person who knows your business requirements.
Monthly optimization to improve the performance
Customers that hire a campaign manager generate 2x more referrals on average.

Examples Of Campaigns Built By Our Team Of Experts

Here are some examples of referral programs built on our platform by our team of campaign managers.
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Our Campaign Managers Can Help You Setup Your Integration On

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The Referral Factory team was invaluable in creating our referral program at Bamigo. Their insights on how design the flow, and how to encourage your referrers to share their links, is worth 10x more than we paid.
Fashion & Beauty, The Netherlands
Thank you for being a brilliant help and getting this off the ground for us. We couldn’t have done this without your help. We wish we had done this this years ago.
Glasses repairs, United Kingdom
The ongoing support from the team. Our account manager has been invaluable whilst we've been setting up salesforce integrations and trailing the best rewards. We chose Referral Factory because of the integration with salesforce and account management. With some other 'plug-in' solutions, you don't get the expertise of the team behind the solution. This was really important to us and meant we've seen some great results.
Radius Payment Solutions, United Kingdom
So easy to use and great price point. From day one the onboarding team were excellent and helped us each step of the way. As we are a big company, we had a complex setup in the CRM, and nothing was an issue for Referral Factory and everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend it and in the first 3 months, we have over 400 new customers and as been a huge success.
UK Fuels, United Kingdom

Turn Your Customers Into a Marketing Channel

If you would like to know more about the services our campaign managers provide, book a 15 minute call with our team.

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