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Referral Program Templates That We Love

Our team, as well as external referral marketing experts, have built an incredible library of referral program templates for you to copy and use as your own. By using a template you’re able to get your customer referral program up and running in minutes - no coding or experience with referral marketing required. We’ve collected our favourite referral program templates to share with you, these templates are the back bone of thousands of referral programs all over the world. We’re proud to help businesses get referrals every day, and thats why we wanted to share some referral program templates that we love.

Airbnb referral program
We love the customer referral program of AirBNB. Copy the referral program template for AirBNB.
PayPal referral program
We love the customer referral program of PayPal. Copy the referral program template for PayPal.
Canva referral program
We love the customer referral program of Canva Copy the referral program template for Canva.
Starbucks referral program
We love the customer referral program of Starbucks. Copy the referral program template for Starbucks.
Revolut referral program
We love the customer referral program of Revolut. Copy the referral program template for Revolut.
Tesla referral program
We love the customer referral program of Tesla. Copy the referral program template for Tesla.

Access hundreds more referral program templates once you’re logged into Referral Factory.

Referral Program Templates Help Launch Your Customer Referral Program Faster

By using referral program software that offers a wide range of templates, you can start getting referrals in days, not weeks. Using a referral program template helps you launch your referral program faster, and ensures that your referral program has all the right tactics built into the core. All you need to do is find a referral program template that matches your industry, copy it, and launch your referral program - once you’re up and running your customers can easily spread the word about your business and start generating word of mouth referrals that will help you grow. Referral Factory offers over one hundred referral program templates out of the box - everything from double sided referral programs, refer to win competitions, referral programs by industry, referral programs that integrate with hubSpot, and much more.

These are just a few of the referral program templates you can find once you’re actively using our software to build your referral program:

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A referral program template by type: you get many types of referral programs and you can find templates for all of them inside your account. The double-sided referral program template is by far the most popular and uses by hundreds of new businesses every month to get their referral program launched in just a few days. The double sided tempalte has a reward and an incentive built in - these are of course editable but the foundation for a great referral program is just one click away if you use this tempalte.

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A referral program templates by industry: we’ve got templates for all types of industries, both in B2B and B2C categories. You can find templates for solar, education, finance, crypto, SaaS, beauty, restaurants, consultants, interior designers, plumbers, roofing contractors and much much more. Our team of dedicated referral marketing experts builds at least ten new referral program templates per month catering to new industries and customers that want to get referrals and grow in their niche.

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A referral program template by goal: if you want your referral program to drive a sale, or booking, subscription, or a meeting request, we’ve got you covered. With a wide range of referral program templates that are built with a goal in mind - you can ask your customers to refer their friends to the exact action you’re looking to drive. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tactic because people are much more likely to trust their friends, than any online advert they see. So if you’re looking to drive users to a specific goal then find a referral program template to meet your needs and launch your referral program today!

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A referral program template by integration: looking to get referrals into your HubSpot CRM? Or generate more referred users that go straight into your Zoho CRM? No problem! All you need to do is find a referral program template that is designed to integrate directly with your CRM and you’ll be able to launch your referral program and integrate it with your CRM easily.

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What’s in a referral program template?

To supercharge your growth through referrals, you need a referral program template that delivers smart, positive experiences to customers on their journey towards brand advocacy. To achieve this, you can use a referral program template, because great templates are all designed to incorporate the right customer experiences.

A referral program template will have a great headline, relevant text and imagery that will stand out both to the person referring and to the person invited, the template will more than likely be double sided as that is the most common type of referral program. It will also contain a referral link for the person referring, and social proof for the person invited. Most importantly, a great referral program tempalte should have an offer that the person invited can’t refuse (this is often called a referral CTA or a referral call-to-action).

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The best referral program templates will have a strong referral program headline: Your referral program headline is the first thing your customers (sometimes called referral prospects) see when they register to “refer a friend” or accept their invitation to become a new referrer. Make sure your templates headline is bold - something like ‘Give $50, Get $50’ - clearly explaining how your referral program works and whats in it for them.

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Strong referral program templates all have a strong text and imagery that people want to engage with. The template you use should grab and hold the attention of your customers by promoting your customer referral program with bold visuals, and strong on-brand text.

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If you’re in the majority, your referral program template will be double sided. This is the most common type of referral program and for good reason. A double sided referral program template will allow you to reward the person referring, and offer an incentive to the person invited for becoming a customer. It’s a win win for both people involved, and your business!

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Try use a referral program template that offers a referral link to your customers, not a referral code. Links are much easier to share with friends and they don’t require the person invited to have to input any codes into a portal if and when they choose to sign up.

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If you’re a marketer you know just how important social proof is to get referrals - thats why we suggest finding a referral program template that has social proof built into the core. Your customers will be much more likely to refer their friends if they know others are doing so - and also if they know their friends will be taken care of. Social proof makes the person referring more comfortable to share their referral link, and the person invited more likely to accept their referral offer. Great referral program templates have social proof built in.

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A strong offer or Referral CTA is an absolute must in your referral program template! If you want customers to take the next step, don’t use CTAs like “Click here” or “Submit.” Be more specific and use action words like “Invite your friends” or “Refer your friends.”

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