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Designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress, now you can build the eCommerce website you want and integrate it with your referral program with our WooCommerce App. Get more referrals and grow your eCommerce store using this integration!

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WooCommerce Integration Is Here

Much like the WooCommerce plugin, a WooCommerce referral program is the easiest way to acquire more customers and grow your business. Our WooCommerce integration allows you to connect your eCommerce store with your WooCommerce referral program to easily manage, track, and qualify customer referrals.

Send all of your referred leads to your online store and qualify with a simple status update. See who’s joined your WooCommerce referral program, how many friends they have referred, and which of those friends have converted with our straightforward referral dashboard.

Trusted by agencies and online store owners, from startups to established online stores, a WooCommerce referral program helps to keep the admin of managing a manual referral program low and return on investment high. And, our one-click, no code, integration requires little to no technical knowledge to run a hassle-free, referral program.

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Easy to use referral software - no coding required.

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1000+ referral program templates, designed by referral marketing experts.

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Create beautiful ecommerce referral campaigns that look and feel like your store.

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Run referral programs in stores with up to 21 different languages.

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Use popular social sharing channels to encourage customers to refer their friends to your eStore.

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Easily track who referred who to shop at your store!

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Access to a fast and friendly support - helping you get the most out of your ecommerce referral software.

Promote Your Referral Program With WooCoomerce

Perfect for any small, medium or large-sized online store, from start-ups to more established eCommerce owners, a WooCommerce referral program is the fastest way to get your customers referring their friends. Referral marketing is proven to get you customers that buy sooner, spend more and stay longer - and our referral platform offers you everything you need to build and launch a powerful WooCommerce referral program.

Referral Factory offers a comprehensive, easy to use, WooCommerce integration for every type of referral campaign and eStore. And, connecting your WooCommerce referral program directly with your WooCommerce store allows you to send all of your new referred leads directly to your online store.

Now commerce businesses of any size can build and launch a powerful referral program, and easily invite customers to refer their friends - no developer needed and no referral marketing experience required. Use a WooCommerce referral program to grow your store stales, and help keep the cost of your customer acquisition down, as well as increase your customer lifetime value (referred leads are statistically proven to spend more, sooner).

The perfect integration solution for any eCommerce business owner, a WooCommerce referral program makes it easier than ever for WooCommerce merchants to get more referrals and grow their business. Use Referral Factory together with WooCommerce to turn one shopper into two, by asking them to tell a friend about your amazing eStore! Join thousands of eCommerce businesses launching referral programs, and generating highly qualified leads for their WooCommerce store.

Referrals CRM

Automate Geting More Referred Leads

Increase sales and find new shoppers with a fully automated referral program. Fully integrate your WooCommerce referral program directly with your eCommerce CRM, to automate repetitive customer referral processes. A WooCommerce referral program helps to simplify the process of asking for referrals, tracking your referral links, and issuing rewards to your best customers that refer their friends to shop at your store. By automating your customer acquisition through a referral program, you can have marketing running 24/7 on your online store.

Our WooCommerce integration app offers everything you need to run hugely successful customer acquisition, automatically. Send referred leads directly from your WooCommerce Referral program to your online store to start shopping, qualify successful referrals automatically, follow up with potential new customers that are referred to you, and issue rewards directly from your woocommerce store - coupons, credits, and more!

Automate Geting More Referred Leads
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Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels
Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin
Referred customers also spend 13.2% more on average
Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value
Referral Factory was voted the #1 no-code referral software