The key to getting more referrals!

The key to getting more referrals!

So, you’ve created your referral program. Now it’s time to make sure it’s a success. The biggest question we get asked – How do I get more referrals? 

The answer is simple. 

The more active referrers you onboard > the more referrals you will get > the more your business will grow! 

How do you get more active referrers? Promote your campaign and keep promoting!

Referral Factory makes it incredibly easy to promote your referral program and onboard more referrers. Once you’ve built your campaign and are ready to start inviting customers to join, head to your output tab in your campaign builder to get your campaign link that you need to promote to your customers to get them to join and get their own unique referral link.

You’ll also find other options to share your referral program with people such as adding a button to your website, downloading your QR code and even embedding your referral program onto your website.

referral program link

Now that you know where to get your campaign link – here are the 6 most popular tactics that you can use to get more users to join your referral program.

1. Tell everyone in your network about your referral program

Share your campaign link with as many people as possible about your referral program. Reach out to all of your customers – they are your biggest advocates who will more than likely be willing to refer friends. 

Pro tip: Send your campaign link to your customers, suppliers and employees. Tell them exactly what the benefits are for them and their friends. Include a strong Call To Action for people to click on the link and join your campaign. You can email customers, text them or even call them one by one depending on your business and customer size. 

2. Offer referrers a reward and the people they invite an incentive

Consider a double sided referral campaign where you offer a reward to your existing custom PLUS an incentive to the person being invited. Offering an incentive is an excellent way to push them over the edge and get them to give your business a shot. Think of something that will add value to the person invited and at the same time not be expensive to you. If possible, a discount on your product or service that won’t actually cost you a lot is a great place to start. 

3. Integrate your referral program into your business assets

There are a variety of assets at your disposal – use them. Find ways to incorporate your referral program into all facets of your business. Use your existing communications with customers, your website and any other physical materials that you hand out to customers for example flier to promote it even further.

How to do it: Promote your referral program in your newsletter, add a link in your email signature, post about it on your social channels, add it to the bottom of your invoices or quotes. You can also add a banner or button to your website or send a push notification to customers. If you have a physical store, deliver any products to customers or hand out any pamphlets or business cards – print your campaign QR code onto your promotional material. with a call to action to join your referral program to refer a friend and get rewarded

4. Make it easy for people to share your referral program

The easier it is to share your referral program, the more will do it. Make sure you include all the social media channels where your potential customers would be the most responsive.

Pro tip: Referral Factory enables you to share on Facebook, whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Text Message, Messenger, Telegram, Email, Line, WeChat and of course, simply copying and pasting the link. 

5. Promote your referral campaign using your paid advertising campaigns

If you’re running Facebook or Google Ads for example, find a way to include your program in your ads. You could run ads to your existing customers encouraging them to a refer a friend to get rewarded. Interest based targeting is another way to get your program in front of the right audience.

Pro tip: You could include a sitelink extension on Google ads that goes straight to your referral program landing page. If you’re running Facebook ads, you could include a CTA in your retargeting ads – promoting the referral program and the benefits which might sway people from using a competitor who doesn’t have a referral program. 

6. Use ambassadors to promote your referral program

Think about including your suppliers, employees or even partner with influencers to promote your referral program. The fact that they work with you, work for you or have a fan base of people that would be interested in your business means they could be a great source of referrals.

Here is an example of how one of our customers used influencers to get 9067 referrals in just four weeks

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