6 ways to get more users in your referral program

6 ways to get more users in your referral program

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how powerful referral programs can be. They’re a great way to get quality users and grow your brand. 

Dropbox is a great example of how companies have harnessed the power of referrals. They were spending $233 – $388 per user but thanks to a successful referral program they were able to accelerate user growth by 3900% without paying a fortune for new users. 

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, which is why it’s more important than ever to start thinking about how you can get more referrals for your business!

To kick start this process you need to do two things… 

  1. Setup a referral program (you can do that using a free trial of our platform, register here)
  2. Get as many people to refer as possible! 

If you don’t already have a referral program set up, start here. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to onboard referrers so that they can spread the word about your business. 

The more referrers you onboard > the more referrals you will get > the more your business will grow! 

Here are some impactful tactics that you can use to onboard as many users as possible:

1. Promote your program inside your product or website

You can turn your product or website into the star asset of your referral program by using these digital tactics to prompt customers to join the program:

  • Build a dedicated referral page 
  • Use popups
  • Send push notifications
  • Make a sticky bar
  • Create a banner
Promote your referral program inside your product or website

2. Just ask!

A simple way to get customers to refer friends is to just ask them – use the channels you already use to communicate with your customers to ask them to join your referral program. program. 

  • Email your customers
  • Send them newsletters
  • Text your customers
get customers to refer friends by asking them

3. Spread the word on social media

Find out which platforms your customers spend the most time and use your social media channels to reach them there.

  • Post on Facebook and Instagram account
  • Tweet to your followers
  • Share your referral program on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook ads to target existing customers and people like them
Spread the word on social media

4. Utilise your company’s physical assets

Your company has many real-world assets that you can use to create awareness for your referral program. You can include information about your referral program with a strong call to action in the following ways:

  • Hand out fliers, brochures, and business cards with a  link to your referral landing page.
  • Add a QR code or link to your webpage to your menus or price lists.
  • Put up posters with your QR code and a Refer a Friend call to action.
  • Brand company cars with information on how to refer friends.

5. Integrate your referral program with your digital assets

In addition to your physical assets, your business has a lot of digital real estate that you can use to promote your referral programs. Insert the details of your referral program into the following:

  • Invoices
  • Quotations
  • Email signatures
Integrate your referral program with your digital assets

6. Expand your audience 

Widen your net and find people who aren’t existing customers to invite them to join your referral program. 

  • Recruit your employees to refer friends.
  • Hire an influencer to market your program.
  • Encourage people in your professional network to become brand ambassadors.

Brands that have followed this guide and implemented the strategies covered have seen an increase of up to 32% in referrals. 

Ready to follow in Dropbox’s footsteps and accelerate your growth with referral marketing?

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