10 Ways To Get Users Referring Fast!

10 Ways To Get Users Referring Fast!

Fun Fact! People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

You’ve built and launched your referral campaign and now you’re looking for ways to generate new leads, bring in more customers, and grow your business.

Ensure that everyone knows about your referral campaign to make it successful. By promoting your referral campaign, you are more likely to attract new users and encourage them to participate.

The main challenge here is, how to promote your referral campaign and get many referrals. Today, we cover 10 ways to get users referring fast as soon as you’ve launched it.

Fun Fact! ​​83% of customers are willing to refer after a positive shopping experience.

1. Announce your referral campaign by sending emails to your active customer base.

What could be better than your active customer base to promote your referral campaign? Send a blast email to your fans or customers, inviting them to join your referral campaign. 

Option 1 

With Referral Factory, you can automatically add users to your referral campaign and assign each one their unique referral link.  

Option 2

You can issue referral links to all your CRM Contacts or a specific list of contacts with your referral campaign. This will allow you to add those contacts to your campaign and call their unique referral links back to your CRM. In this way, every customer touchpoint becomes an opportunity to refer a friend.

2. Advertise your referral campaign in the email signatures.

The first thing you should do after launching your referral campaign is to include your referral campaign link in your email signature and ask your colleagues, team members, or employees to follow suit.

In that way, all email communications from your company to the outside world are aware of your campaign and they can easily join.


3. Pin your referral campaign to the top of your social feed.

Post about your referral campaign actively on your social media pages – be it your business page or your personal business profile. As well as pin the referral campaign to the top of your social feed. It’s a great way to reach people who are already following you or are a fan of your business.


4. Add a widget of your referral campaign on your website and the most visited pages.

To make it even easier for you to get people to join your referral campaign, you can add a widget on your website. This will allow visitors to click on the referral campaign widget and immediately start referring! Add the widget to your home page or any other webpage where it makes sense to encourage users to join.

5. Put a pop-up on your logged-in environment.

Add your referral campaign as a pop-up on your website, especially after a positive experience. For example, you can add your pop-up right after the order checkout or during the checkout. This is the perfect way of advertising your brand. When customers feel positive about their purchase, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. 


6. Include your referral campaign link in your blog posts.

Use a call to action in your high-traffic blog posts to encourage readers to join your referral campaign. If your blog gets high traffic and you regularly update them with new content, including a call to action in each new content update that takes your readers to your referral campaign.


7. Add your referral campaign link to all types of emails.

Include your referral link on all types of emails that you’re sending out. Any time someone receives an email from your business they will see your referral campaign. These could be newsletters or product feature emails,  transactional emails, billing emails, password reset emails, reminder emails, etc.


8. Work with influencers to market your referral campaign. 

Run an influencer marketing campaign. Using influencer marketing to help market your referral campaign is a great way to get new users to join especially if you are starting with a smaller customer base.


9. Market your referral campaign using all outdoor advertising methods.

Outdoor advertising is a hugely effective way to reach mass audiences. However, if you want to reach many people and bring more awareness to your business,  you can advertise your referral campaign by using outdoor advertising such as street pole ads, billboards, digital electronic screens, trailers, vehicle wraps, wall-scapes, street furniture, in-mall, and washroom advertising.


10. Train your team to ASK.

Let your team know about your referral campaign and ask them to promote it. Increasing leads will be easier if your entire team is involved. In the end, it is up to the sales team to close the deals and drive revenue! 

It would be great if you could challenge the members of your team to generate a certain number of referrals each month. It is important to track referrals in order to succeed at this.

Consider dedicating an entire team meeting to generating referrals. This is a skill that requires practice and can be acquired through practice.



  1. […] Choose referral software that makes building launching and managing your referral program as easy as possible. Opt for a no-code, no-developer solution and one that allows you to build and style your referral program to look and feel just like your brand. Referral software that also offers seamless integration with your CRM is really useful in helping to manage and track your referrals while keeping your workload to a minimum. And, once your referral program is live make sure to spread the word about it to as many people as possible. For more tips on how to do this see 30 ways to get users referring fast. […]

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