30 Ways To Get Users Referring Fast | Referral Factory

30 Ways To Get Users Referring Fast | Referral Factory

You’ve built and launched your customer referral program, now learn how to market it. Run a successful referral campaign by making sure as many people as possible know about it. Increasing the visibility of your referral program will help to attract more users and encourage them to join. That’s why we’ve created a list of 30 ways to get users “fast-forwarding” your referral campaign as soon as you’ve launched it.

30 Ways To Get Users Referring Fast

  1. Email Your Customers – Send a blast mail to all of your customers telling them about your referral program. Make sure you include a link to your campaign so it’s easy for them to join.
  2. Add to Your Email Signature – Add a link to your referral campaign in the email signatures of all your employees. That way all email communications from your company to the outside world are made aware of your campaign and can easily join it.
  3. Display Your QR Code – If you have a physical business, you can print the QR code for your campaign and display it inside your store, on your menus, at your pay points, or in your offices. Anywhere that you receive foot traffic.
  4. Share Your Campaign On Social Media – Post about your referral campaign actively on your social media channels. It’s a great way to reach people who are already following you or are a fan of your business.
  5. Run A Paid Media Campaign – To reach more people that have an interest in your business, advertise your referral campaign using paid media like Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads.
  6. Add It To Your Social Media Bios – Each opportunity you have to introduce your company bio, include a link to your referral program continuously increasing awareness.
  7. Include Your Referral Link In All Transactional Emails – Any time someone receives a transactional email from your business they will see your referral campaign. These could be password reset emails, account update emails, billing emails, etc.
  8. Put Campaign QR Codes On Business Cards – Business cards offer a great opportunity to market your referral program. Actually, any stationery with your business branding should be co-branded with your referral program QC code.
  9. Text The Link To Your Customers – Much in the same way as you would blast mail your customer base, bulk text messaging is a great way to get your referral link in the hands of your customers.
  10. Make It Visible On Your Website – Include your referral link in the footer of your website, your header, and place a button on the most visited pages of your website.
  11. Add A Banner To Your Home Page – Referral programs aren’t meant to be your best-kept secret, they’re meant to be shared. One of the best places to promote your referral program is on your homepage.
  12. Make A Campaign Landing Page – Create a dedicated referral program landing page so people can find out everything they need to know about your campaign, including how it works, what the rewards are, and of course a button to join.
  13. Add Your Referral Link To Your Invoices – Start including your referral link and a call to action in your weekly or monthly invoices. Just another way to make it easy for customers to join and start inviting their friends, contacts, and partners.
  14. Use Outdoor Advertising – Market your referral campaign on all outdoor advertising media for example street pole ads, billboards, digital electronic screens, trailers, vehicle wraps, wall-scapes, street furniture, in-mall, and washroom advertising.
  15. Tell Your Employees – Employees are great advocates so make sure they all know you have a referral program and are promoting it to their friends, customers, and even partner networks.
  16. Tell Your Suppliers – Suppliers are another great channel to help market your referral campaign. Let them know you have launched a referral marketing campaign and ask them to join to start inviting their friends and other partner networks.
  17. Advertise Your Referral Campaign On Your Car – Have car magnets made that you can put on the doors of employee cars and fleet vehicles to help advertise your referral marketing campaign.
  18. Promote Your Campaign After Good Experiences – A well-timed nudge to get customers to refer their friends when they are their happiest during the purchase process is the surest way to grow your referral base.
  19. Add a Share Message and Text – Accompany referral links with a message that explains why people should join your referral program. A referral link on it won’t be enough to get users to join.
  20. Add Your Existing Customers To Your Campaign – Launch your referral program by adding your existing customer base to the campaign. Forward them their unique referral link making it even easier for customers to start inviting their friends.
  21. Add Social Sharing Buttons Inside Your App – Offer in-app social sharing that makes it easy for your app users to invite their friends to join on their preferred social channels.
  22. Send Push Notifications – Send different types of push notifications and reminders with a link and a call to action encouraging your customers to join your referral campaign.
  23. Add A Call To Action To Your Blog Posts – If your blog gets high traffic and you regularly update it with new content, include a call to action in each new content upload that takes your readers to your referral program.
  24. Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign – Using influencer marketing to help market your referral campaign is a great way to get new users to join especially if you are starting with a smaller customer base.
  25. Tell Your Previous Customers About Your Campaign – Contacting past customers and encouraging them to join your referral campaign is a clever way to prompt return purchases while getting these customers to invite their friends.
  26. Promote Your Campaign At Events – From exhibitions to conferences, roadshows, and market days, use every opportunity to tell people about your referral campaign.
  27. Add A Referral Widget To Your Site – Embed a referral widget that links to your referral campaign sign-up page. Add this to your home page or any other webpage where it makes sense to encourage users to join.
  28. Promote Your Campaign On Your Packaging – Product packaging offers a prime opportunity to get customers to join your referral program during a moment of delight. Offering an easy way to sign up after unboxing a product they’re excited about is a sure way to seal the referral deal.
  29. Cold Call Your Clients – Call your clients to tell them about your referral campaign and ask if you can sign them up.
  30. Use A Referral Directory – List your referral program for people to find on referral code directories such as referralcodes.com or invitation.codes/programs

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