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Whether you are a small to medium financial advisory firm looking to launch at scale, or an established finance brand wanting an end-to-end referral solution, we have a referral system that will work for you. Now you can launch a referral program to generate leads, and sync it directly with your Redtail CRM account.

Redtail Referral Program Integration

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Redtail referral program integration

Redtail Integration Is Here

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Everything your financial advisory firm needs to get highly qualified leads and grow your business, Referral Factory makes it easier than ever to ask your customers for referrals. Create your Redtail integrated referral program from scratch, or use one of Referral Factory’s many pre-build referral templates to help you get started.
Our no-code referral marketing software makes it easy to get your customers referring their friends, and once the leads start rolling in you can send them directly to Redtail to be converted using your standard sales processes. Referral Factory has been voted the #1 referral software used by finance professionals in the USA and in Europe, and now with our Redtail integration, the referral platform is more powerful than ever!

Much like how Redtail develops technologies that allow their customers to focus more on the human interactions that strengthen client relationships, Referral Factory offers seamless software integration with your Redtail CRM to reduce your workload and simplify running a referral program. Making it easy to build powerful Redtail referral programs, that deliver high-quality leads directly into your Redtail CRM account.
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Easily encourage each of your finance customers to refer a friend!

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Send all referred leads directly to a linked Redtail account.

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Qualify converted referrals with a simple status update.

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See which of your finance customers needs a reward for referring.

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Promote Your Referral Program With Redtail

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With Referral Factory it's now simpler than ever to build, launch and manage your Redtail referral program. Create your referral program from scratch, or choose from thousands of pre-build referral templates to help you get started. Our one-click, no-code referral software makes promoting your Redtail referral program easy too. Simply invite your customers to join your Redtail referral program, and watch them start referring their friends. And, when the sales leads start rolling in, our Redtail integration app helps you scale your referral program without any manual management.
Now Redtail customers can integrate their referral program into their businesses, and promote it to their existing customer base to generate more qualified leads. To run a successful Redtail referral program it's important to make sure as many of your customers know about your program and start referring their friends. Integrating your Redtail referral program with your existing CRM will help make sure all touch points with your customers can be used to remind them as you’ll always have a customers referral link on hand.
Our no-code referral software makes it easy for any finance business to launch their own Redtail referral program - no developers needed and no referral marketing experience required. Use our referral platform to build referral campaigns, and invite your customers to refer their friends, sending all your new leads directly to your Redtail CRM to qualify them, and follow up.
A Redtail referral program makes it easy for financially minded businesses to:
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Generate more trusted customer referrals

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Send referred customer leads directly to your Redtail CRM.

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Use your Redtail CRM to track, manage and qualify your referred leads in a single place.

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Know which of your Redtail contacts is due a reward.

Whether you are a small to medium financial investment firm looking to grow, or an established fintech app wanting an end-to-end referral system that scales, Referral Factory has a referral solution for you. Connect your Redtail CRM and launch an integrated referral program in just a few minutes!
Automated customer acquisition

Automated Customer Acquisition In Finance

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Finance is an industry that relies heavily on trust when purchasing decisions are being made. What better way to drive trust than knowing your friend already used this service or product? This is why referral programs are taking the finance industry by storm. While Redtail helps you to manage your CRM using customisable automations, Referral Factory helps to automate customer acquisition using a Redtail referral program.
Reducing your workload by automating your customer acquisition, a Redtail referral program is a simple way to get your current customers referring on autopilot. And while automated customer acquisition can help you achieve more, it can also be very effective in reducing the overall cost of customer acquisition too. Now any business of any size can automate their customer acquisition with a Redtail Referral program.

Referred leads are 2x more likely to convert than Paid channels

Referred customers convert at a 25% higher profit margin

Referred customers result in a 20% higher average order value

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Redtail Referral Program Integration

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Connect Referral Factory with Redtail to automate rewards for your referral program.

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How We Integrate With Redtail

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From sending referral links to reminder messages, customer status updates, and fulfilling rewards, our Redtail integration app makes it easier than ever to get more referrals and grow your finance business.
To run a hassle-free Redtail referral program you need:
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A Redtail account.

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A Basic, Pro, or Enterprise subscription with Referral Factory.

For more detailed information on how to grow your business using a Redtail referral program, we suggest starting a free trial on our referral platform. If you have not set up a Redtail integration before, we suggest reading this step-by-step help guide.
Referrals + Redtail CRM = Success!
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    Connect your Redtail account with Referral Factory.
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    Create and customize your business referral program.
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    Set up your Redtail integration to receive referred leads directly.
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    Decide what data you want to send to Redtail with each new referred lead.
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    Automatically qualify your customer referrals by updating the contact status in Redtail.
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