Automated Rewards Are Here! Add these rewards to your refer-a-friend program 🎁

You asked. We listened. Automated referral rewards are here!

You can now fully automate your referral campaigns from end to end using our referral marketing software. Including the issuing of rewards too! Our plug-and-play referral software offers the following rewards out of the box: Amazon Vouchers, Cash Through Digital Visa or Mastercard, Cash through PayPal, as well as the ability to load your own gift card reward.

If you’re still new to referral marketing then read this guide on how to create a referral program in 8 steps.

Rewarding your customers for referring their friends has never been easier! All you need to do is build a referral program, ask your customers to spread the word about your business, and watch the leads start rolling in. Referral Factory has built in referral tracking so you don’t have to worry about a thinkg 🚀

Our referral software now allows you to issue vouchers or cash to the person invited as an incentive, and (or) the person referring as a reward. Our rewards feature is designed to be flexible, and simple, all in one. Allowing you to decide what actions qualify for a reward (like referring to a friend that converts), and how many actions should be taken before a reward is automatically issued (like referring to one, two, or five friends). You can also have multiple rewards per campaign. 

Give your referral program a boost by offering easy-to-issue rewards for a successful referral.  To learn more about how you can use our rewards to improve the performance of your referral program, schedule a demo with one of our referral marketing experts. Our experts can also help you decide what rewards are right for you, and how to choose the value of a reward.

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