New Feature Alert – New templates, user verification, reminder emails, fraud alert, and API access

Our mission at Referral Factory is to help you get more referrals—and today we are releasing a series of new features aimed at doing just that. These new features will help you improve the performance of your referral campaigns, while at the same time decreasing the amount of work needed to run your campaigns. Helping you do more with less 🙌

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Here’s what’s new:

⭐  New referral program templates – We’ve added a bunch of new referral program templates, built by referral marketing experts, that you can copy and use as your own when building your next campaign.

✅ User verification – Send referrers and the friends they invite verification codes, to verify that they are legitimate users. **

🗓️ Reminder emails – Give referrers a nudge to keep referring their friends, plus, remind the friends invited to register, make a purchase, download an app, etc. **

🕹️ More control – You can add buttons, videos, images, and even gifs to your referral program. This gives you more control over the look and feel of your campaign.

⚠️ Improved fraud alerts – Receive alerts when users sign up multiple times using the same IP address or if they have signed up using a + in their email address. **

⚙️ API access – Our API is officially out of beta! Scale your referral program with ease, and automate the issuing of rewards to save you time. ***

To see all these new features in action, log in to your account now.

** Features available on the Starter Plan
*** Features available on the Pro Plan

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