Referral Program Ideas for Every Industry: From SaaS to Solar

When it comes to referral program ideas, many businesses share one doubt: “My industry is not really referral-friendly.” Look, we may not know your product, but we are sure that discounts, gifts, and other incentives work for ANY business.

What’s more, personal recommendations always bring you credibility (and more leads). Why is that? Let’s face it: people trust their friends and family more than any ad campaign. 

So, why not leverage that trust to turn your happy customers into your most powerful marketing force? After all, satisfied clients are your best marketers.

We’ve gathered industry-specific ideas for referral programs and ingenious strategies to help you craft a referral program that’s not just effective but also niche-relevant. And with a referral marketing platform like Referral Factory, it’s easier than ever to run a referral program on autopilot. 

Why Do Loyalty Programs Matter? 

The consumer landscape is shifting, and brands are facing a stark reality: loyalty is waning. A recent Marigold’s 2023 Consumer Trends Index study reveals that more and more customers are switching to businesses with attractive loyalty programs. Even if they’ve been with another brand for years.

While this might sound alarming, there is no need to panic! This finding simply underscores that businesses need to reimagine their approach to customer engagement. And referral marketing might be your answer!

Incentivizing loyalty, developing a relationship, surprising with cash rewards, or giving discounts and coupons… Sounds familiar? That’s exactly what referral marketing is all about. It is no longer just a strategy of incentivized recommendations. It fosters loyalty and helps people fall in love with your brand. 

Still, you have to stand out in the competitive arena. So, take your time and craft programs that are strategically designed, well-tuned, and deeply resonant with your target audiences.

Further, we are going to show you exactly how to do that, no matter what your industry is, and even offer you ready-made templates. But before that, let’s cover the basics and review the best practices for your referral marketing program.

Referral Marketing: Best Practices Any Business Needs to Know

So, it is always good to start with tried and true approaches – something that works well most of the time for most businesses. What are those in referral marketing?

  1. Make it easy for every participant of your referral campaign. Any referral program has a person referring (the one spreading the word about your business) and a person invited (the “friend”). And both of them need clear instructions to ensure a smooth referral process. If a person doesn’t understand how the program works right away, they will probably skip it. 
  2. Offer double-sided rewards (translation: a win-win program). Incentivize both a person referring and a person invited to get even better results from your referral campaigns. Statistically, double-sided rewards work much better than single-sided (when only one person receives a reward). 
  3. Reward in your own currency where possible. Of course, most clients prefer to get cash or, say, an Amazon voucher. But if you are just starting out and can’t afford it, offer upgrades, discounts, freebies, or access to premium features instead. Remember – your referral campaign has to be affordable and sustainable. Start small and switch to more appealing rewards later on.
  4. Be transparent. Be clear about terms and conditions and keep people informed. Try not to confuse your customers – complex, lengthy rules may ruin the whole experience.
  5. Give it time. Building a successful program takes time and consistent promotion. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work right; try to fix the flaws instead. 
  6. Promote your campaign. Keep promoting your campaign, even if you see it’s working. In fact, boost it even more when your strategy is bearing fruit.
  7. Personalize the experience. Use customer data to personalize your referral program. Once you offer targeted rewards and recommendations based on individual preferences, people will value your business even more. 
  8. Gamify the process. Incorporate gamification elements like points, badges, and leaderboards. It may sound childish, but it actually adds a lot of fun and competitive aspects to your program. That’s how you get people to be more engaged in the process. 

Don’t forget that your business is unique, and it is only you who decide if and when to reward people participating in your referral campaigns.

What does that mean? Well, among referral goals, the main one is conversion. And only you will define what conversion is to your business. Maybe it’s a target number of days a new customer must reach using your services, maybe just a purchase or simple registration. Your call! 

Referral Marketing Across the Industries

From airlines and healthcare providers to restaurants and insurance companies – referral programs are popping up everywhere. Do you need actual numbers? Here they are.

This doesn’t cover all industries, of course. If you are still unsure about developing a referral program, check more referral marketing statistics to decide if you need one (spoiler: you do). Take a look at the bigger picture to realize the importance of this strategy for reaching a wider audience. 

Referral Program Ideas for Different Industries

The best thing about referral programs is that you can tweak them for literally any company. We’ve listed some trends, examples, and ideas for referral programs that can be implemented in various industries. Plus, we’ve included bonus links to referral program templates to help you get started immediately!

Referral Program Ideas for SaaS

SaaS referral programs work like a charm! Since everything is online, it’s easy to offer a referral program during the sign-up process and integrate it directly into the product. Double-sided rewards with discounts or a premium upgrade product or service work best in the industry. 

👌 Example: Dropbox hardly needs an introduction, but their referral campaign might need one. Especially because it is a great example of how a SaaS company can use double-sided rewards by offering some extra perks their service has to offer. Their idea is simple: a person referring can get free storage for two users. Once a person invited creates a new account, both get extra storage: 500 MB for Basic-package users and 1 GB for Plus.

💡 Idea: Make the referral campaign interactive by gamifying the experience. Display referral stats in your product’s interface and introduce a tiered reward system (i.e., the more conversions you bring on board, the better the reward) to keep your customers engaged. This way, you are more likely to motivate your clients to refer others over the long haul.

😍 Template: Use this fully customizable SaaS referral program template to get started. 

Referral Program Ideas for Education 

Education is one of the most referral-friendly areas. There are numerous ways to offer incentives, like course discounts, gifts for friends, etc. Referrals work perfectly here because you mostly target a younger generation that is well familiar with digital marketing and knows how to use them for their own benefit. 

👌 Example: Bedrock Learning is an award-winning solution that prepares education plans for schools and individuals. Their referral program offers double-sided rewards for a school that refers them and for the invited studying facility. According to the rules, a person referring will receive a £250 Amazon voucher, while the invited school will get a £250 book voucher after signing up.

💡 Idea: Offer additional rewards for a short period when lots of people are signing up or applying. This approach is what leads to more referrals. Why? Because your “high season” is the right time to spread the word about your business. In industries like education, timing does matter. 

😍 Template: Your education referral program template is here. 

Referral Program Ideas for Finance, Tax & Accounting

Business success in finance relies significantly on trust and word-of-mouth referrals. Consider formalizing a referral program and make sure your customers can easily see it and share your service with their friends.

👌 Example: Radius is a leading provider of fuel cards for most major brands. In their referral campaign, they give a £25 Amazon voucher for every business their clients refer. Radius incentivizes more referrals by offering up to £250 of Amazon vouchers for ten conversions. Besides, they offer a double-sided reward as each of the invited businesses that qualify for a fuel card receive a £25 discount on their fuel invoice.

💡 Idea: Your customers are not your only audience. Don’t limit yourself! Look for related businesses to partner with. It can be a great way to increase your customer base. 

😍 Template: Use this referral template to get an edge. 

Referral Program Ideas for Crypto Businesses

Referral programs are basically inherent to Web3 platforms. Most crypto businesses offer a commission for referring customers to join the platform. For many users, it becomes an additional way to make money in crypto while the crypto companies get an effective marketing approach that helps extend their customer base. 

👌 Example: Masa Finance is a personal finance management company that helps bridge the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized financial (CeFi) systems. According to the requirements of their referral campaign, a person referring can get 10 $MASA tokens for each converted user. What’s a conversion for them? When a user mints a Masa Green SBT. 

💡 Idea: Offer invite-only access through your referral program. Exclusive assets attract high-quality leads, which enhances your platform’s overall quality. Besides, the “inner circle” approach builds hype, making your brand look better within the community. Plus, the allure of exclusivity incentivizes existing users to refer to their networks. Thus, you’ll boost your reach organically.

😍 Template: Use this crypto industry referral template

Referral Program Ideas for the Health & Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry is a trend itself, so a referral program here might be a great way to attract even more customers. Besides, you’ll retain the existing members by offering them discounts and gifts. Overall, the referral marketing approach is ideal for membership-based businesses.

👌 Example: Smartfit invites its customers to share a referral link with friends, and if the latter become customers, the person who referred them will get a reward. At the same time, the new customer, once registered, gets a complimentary training session and Smart Body Scan (valued at $150). 

💡 Idea: ** Disguise your program as a “2-for-1” offer on your website. Everyone knows that working out with a friend or a partner is more fun. Besides, for some people, there is a social insecurity element in attending the gym for the first time. Give them an opportunity to overcome that fear! 

😍 Template: This fitness referral template is fully customizable for your specific needs. 

Referral Program Ideas for the Insurance Industry

Trust is vital when choosing an insurance provider. So, you have to be strategic when running a referral program in this area. Referral marketing shows great results for insurance companies, but make sure you stand out with the incentives. 

👌 Example: LeverageRx is an insurance company that provides financial planning, corporate advisory, and resource integration. Their referral program offers a double-sided reward: when a person invited requests their disability insurance quotes and schedules an intro call, both parties receive a $50 gift card!

💡 Idea: ** Personalize the referral experience with handwritten “thank you” cards or phone calls, making it more like person-to-person interaction. Use high-quality paper and envelopes to create a tangible reminder of the value you place in your relationships with clients. You could even automate this process using software like Handwrytten and Referral Factory via Zapier!

😍 Template: Use this insurance referral template to start your referral program. 

Referral Program Ideas for the Travel Industry

The travel sector is perfect for referral marketing, and most industry giants have built-in programs. The typical setup allows members to earn promotional credits. How does it work? Customers refer their friends to join, and both get either discounts or credits to use for their future trips. Overall, this is one of the best referral program types that is worth tweaking for your own travel business. 

👌 Example: ** To celebrate their 25th birthday, this travel agency ran a special giveaway – the more you refer your friends, the more chances you have to win a luxury safari worth $25000! 

💡 Idea: ** Boost your bookings and build excitement by running a referral contest. Offer a prize for the specific number of people invited. This is a simple yet effective strategy to encourage customers to become brand advocates, spread the word about your offerings, and attract new travelers. Even better, ignite curiosity with mystery gifts or a surprise gift. Contests like these are bound to bring in leads.

😍 Template: This travel referral template will help you craft an effective campaign. 

Referral Program Ideas for Plumbers, HVAC, and Electricians

The plumbing industry presents a unique challenge: the need for your services often arises unexpectedly, making it easy for referral program awareness to slip through the cracks. Let’s face it: people don’t exactly plan when to fix leaky faucets or clogged drains. So, how do you keep your referral program at the forefront of their minds when they need your services most? Actually, there are some ways to do that: it’s all about promoting your referral program consistently.

👌 Example: Plumbing Outfitters is a company that provides plumbing solutions. They offer a very simple referral program: the person referring gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card once their friend completes a service call. And as a bonus, a new client gets free dispatch.

💡 Idea: Collaborate with related businesses like real estate agents or home improvement stores to cross-promote your referral campaign and reach a wider audience. Also, make it easy for customers to find and apply for your program. Include clear instructions and referral links on your website, invoices, and even printed materials like business cards and magnets. Plus, make sure QR codes are readily available.

😍 Template: Here is a ready-to-use referral template for plumbing business.

Referral Program Ideas for the Solar and Renewables Industry

Solar is one of the fastest-growing industries with a huge potential for referrals. It is no wonder, since climate change awareness has increased exponentially in the last decades. So, the companies focusing on renewables seem to keep being trendy, which maximizes your chances of getting referrals. 

👌 Example: Versofy is a company that focuses on accelerating the transition to clean, reliable energy in every household. The business offers a milestone (aka “tiered”) referral program: the more successful referrals you make, the more you earn. To be more specific, for every successful conversion, a person referring earns R1000, while for 5 converted referrals, one gets R6000, and for 10 – R13 000. 

💡 Idea: Offer eco-conscious rewards like donations to environmental charities in the customer’s name. Show that you are on the same page with your clients and care about the environment.

😍 Template: Start your referral program with this referral template for solar and renewables.

How Do You Promote Your Referral Program? 

When you finally compile a list of rewards and incentives and choose the best option among the referral ideas, you may face another challenge – promotion. This is the flip side of the question of how to get referrals, right?

You might think that your clients will know about the program just because they are your clients. If only it were that easy! Don’t underestimate the power of banner blindness and short attention spans. After all, even the most loyal customers might skip a post or a message. We all do that, don’t we? 

So, you need something more powerful: the actual promotion strategies. Let’s take a look at some promotional opportunities here: 

Post Referral Forms on Your Website

Your referral forms should always be visible on your web page. Why? In most cases, your site is the main base people keep returning to when they need any information about your business.

With Referral Factory, you can easily embed your referral program on your website or even add it as a pop-up or widget. Of course, you should also promote your referral campaign on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and any other social media you use. But don’t forget about your website. 

Mention Your Referral Program in Emails

Whether you have a regular newsletter or communicate with your clients occasionally, remember that email is a great opportunity to promote your referral program. You don’t need to write much: one or two catchy sentences will be enough. The faster a person grasps the essence, the more likely they will proceed. Add a simple statement, make it visually distinct, and highlight the benefits of your referral campaign. 

Go Beyond Online 

A referral program might be the only marketing approach that still works really well offline. Don’t limit yourself to the screens only; use flyers, brochures, and QR codes. You may even get a billboard! The more promotion channels you use, the more new leads your business gets. 

Write a Powerful Headline and CTA 

You don’t have to come up with gaudy wording here. Choose straightforward and immediately understandable sentences. Plus, include a clear call to action – people need to understand what action they can take. 

Send Direct Emails With a Personal Touch

Craft personalized emails for your customers. Highlight the benefits of your referral program and emphasize how much you value their recommendations. Still, make it a conversation, not a sales pitch!

Make it easy for your customers to share their love by including their unique referral links in all communication channels, like receipts or welcome emails. If you have an app, don’t forget about it as well. Constantly reminding your customers about your program is one of the best referral marketing ideas. Yet, remember that there is a thin line between communicating consistently and getting spammy.

Use Review Management Apps

These clever tools help you automate the referral process and amplify positive word-of-mouth about your business. Here’s how they work:

  • No more chasing down customers for reviews! The app automatically sends prompts, making it easy for happy customers to share their experiences.
  • The app acts like your own personal social media manager, spreading the good word across all your platforms. Positive reviews catch the eye of potential customers, showcasing your value.
  • The app also nudges satisfied customers to refer their friends and family.

There are countless promotion options. Even if you have any of them already working well, don’t ignore other channels. Also, never stop promoting: after all, the more customers you have, the better. 

Bonus: Top 5 Incentives Ideas for Your Referral Program

The most successful referral programs boil down to two key ingredients: easy-to-understand rules and irresistible incentives. Think about it. Would you rather navigate a complex maze of requirements or simply share a link with a friend? Of course, every business will have its own campaign, but whatever you do, keep it as simple as possible. 

If you have a car-washing business, cashback might not be a great idea. But a free car wash is exactly what your clients need. Imagine the excitement of your customers referring to their friends and family, knowing they’ll be rewarded with a sparkling clean car!

Let’s take a look at what is working universally, no matter what your business is. Knowing the top reward ideas, you’ll be able to make them work for your business. 

1️⃣ Offer Double-Sided Incentives 

That’s rule number one: if your business is running a referral program, make it beneficial for both parties, not only the person referring. This isn’t obligatory, but double-sided programs typically gain more attention and are more likely to interest people. Why? The reason is simple: everyone gets something. 

2️⃣ Give Seasonal Discounts

Everybody likes summer, and everyone is waiting for seasonal travel offers. But actually, you can use any season or holiday if you position it right. Christmas, New Year, Easter: customers will value your holiday-themed incentives. 

3️⃣ Social Gifting

Gifts are a great way to reward loyalty and establish your brand as caring. Gifts can be different, from discounts to free products. This will definitely please your clients. And chances are, they would want to share their joy on social media, which can get you even more leads. 

4️⃣ Offer More for the First Referral 

Many businesses set the same reward for every new lead. Try to offer more for the first person invited. For example, you can give $20 for the first one and $5 for each one after that. While it might seem illogical at first, the issue is that starting out is often the toughest part for most people. But this way, you encourage people to get going. 

5️⃣ Partner With Other Businesses

Collaborate with other businesses to offer joint rewards or cross-promotions. This move expands your reach, attracts new audiences, and works as a great marketing tool. Besides, it’s a good way to address people’s needs when they don’t know where to find required services. 

By the way, don’t forget about the power of social recognition: showcase your top participants on your website, social media, or in promotional materials. Public recognition might encourage others to participate. 


Here’s the formula for the success of your referral program: simple rules + tempting rewards = more happy customers + a thriving business. Remember, this recipe isn’t one-size-fits-all. Just like any yummy dish, your referral program needs to be tailored to your specific business and target audience. You can have great ideas, but if they don’t appeal to your clients, they won’t work. 

By combining simple rules with irresistible incentives, you’ll create an environment where happy customers naturally become your most passionate advocates. This word-of-mouth magic will fuel your business growth and propel you to the forefront of your industry.

The quickest way to get started with the referral program is actually right here 👉 Use these referral program templates to get you going. Build your customer base in an instant, and don’t get left behind!

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