New features alert – Zapier, Hubspot, and more

Bringing you new ways to get more referrals, we’ve been hard at work building better integration features to automate your referral program.

Auto-generate a referral program
for your business using AI

Now you can fully integrate your referral program with 3,000+ web apps in minutes. Our Zapier integration app allows Referral Factory customers to connect their referral program software with the world’s most widely used workflow apps and Zapier’s full range of niche apps too.


  1. Build A Referral Program
  2. Connect and Integration to our Zapier App
  3. Set Up A Zap
  4. Send Your New Referred Users To Over 3000+ Apps!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough… we’re now a certified HubSpot App Partner.


Held to the same standards as the world’s best, get more referrals, and grow your business when you integrate your referral program with your HubSpot account. As a certified HubSpot Referral program partner, customers using the Referral Factory-certified HubSpot App are assured of the very best in customer experience.

  • Manage and track your referral program through HubSpot.
  • Add referred leads as contacts directly in HubSpot.
  • Convert Hubspot referrals by updating a lead status or life cycle stage.
  • Easily identify the referrer so you know who to reward and when.
  • Issue existing contacts with their own referral link.
  • Promote your referral campaign by including contact referral links in your workflows.

Book a demo to learn more about these new features and how you can get more referrals for way less work.

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