New Feature Alert: Add redirects to your campaigns, and qualify your referrals using a Javascript code.

Our mission has always been to make it easy for our customers to build and run powerful referral programs. In the last month alone we’ve seen 650 new referral programs launch on our platform, and most importantly: our customers have generated over 10 000 referrals! 

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We’ve also had multiple requests for two specific features, and we’re happy to let you know that today we’re launching those features. All customers of Referral Factory can now: 

↔️ Redirect referred users straight to your website or platform

Once the referred user has joined your campaign, you can now redirect them straight to your website or platform. This creates a smoother journey for the referred user and increases the likelihood that they will successfully convert. Learn more about how this works in our help guide. 


🙌  Use Javascript to qualify redirected users when they successfully convert

You can now use a script to qualify each referred user that converts on your platform or website, once they have been redirected. This tells our system that the referral has been successful, and a reward needs to be issued. Learn more about how this works in our help guide. 


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Please note: you’ll need to be on at least the Basic plan to access these features. 

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