How To Get More Clients As A Financial Advisor?

How To Get More Clients As A Financial Advisor?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for any business to grow these days, but it’s especially challenging to get more clients as a financial advisor.

We’ve spoken to quite a few financial advisors over the past few months who are all facing the same challenges: 

  • The market has become incredibly crowded. 
  • People are hesitant to trust people they don’t know with their finances – even if they are “professionals”.
  • It’s difficult to sell a product or service that isn’t tangible.

So, how can financial advisors get more clients? Here are four things that you can do to get quality customers for your financial advisory business.

Create A Free Google My Business Listing

Listing your financial advisor business on Google My Business is a completely free way to help you enhance your digital presence and connect with people who are looking for your services. The details you provide will make your services more easily accessible across Google’s products like Google Search and Google Maps.

Launch A Referral Program

When it comes to their finances, people trust recommendations from people they know. A referral program is an excellent way to leverage existing clients to source new prospects. Referral marketing tools like Referral Factory can help you build and launch a successful financial advisor referral program in minutes without needing a developer.

Target A Particular Niche

In an ideal world you could be all things to all people – unfortunately, that is not always the case. Identify which industry your best clients come from and focus on those types of customers. You will get better quality customers and be able to establish yourself as an industry expert. Are your skills best suited to people in the medical profession? Then target doctors or nurses and specialize in helping them with their financial planning.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Identify professionals in your network with the types of clients you’d like to have that you can partner with to recommend your services to their clients. For example, you could partner with accountants in your area that will suggest your financial planning services to their clients when doing their tax returns. 

An added bonus here is that you could use the same referral software to manage your strategic partnerships so you know which partners need to be paid for bringing in new business. 

Don’t wait until next month or next year to start growing your business.

The time is now. Register for a free 15-day trial on Referral Factory to build your own referral or partnership campaign and get more clients as a financial advisor.