New Feature Alert – Hubspot, Buttons and Support for all!

Despite 2020 throwing us it’s fair share of curveballs, we were still able to help hundreds of customers launch powerful referral programs. Our no-code, keep-it-simple methodology to referral marketing is helping companies around the globe launch referral campaigns faster than ever before! 

We even have a few new features to help you kick start the year. Read more about them below.

So, What’s New!?

Add Buttons To Campaigns
You now have the functionality to add clickable buttons to your campaigns and direct your users to any URL you wish.

Qualify Referrals With Hubspot
Sync your referral factory account with your CRM to send new referrals directly to Hubspot, and qualify those referrals using your standard CRM processes.

Quick Support
Customers can now log a support ticket directly with our customer success team when they need assistance with their campaign.

If you’re already a Referral Factory customer, log in and check out the new updates!

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