[Watch This Webinar] How To Win More Customers With Referral Marketing

With more than a decade of experience exploring emerging consumer trends and finding new ways for businesses to grow, the founder of Referral Factory shows us “How to Win More Customers Using Referral Marketing”

Having recently hosted an online seminar for audiences across the globe, Kirsty Sharman talks us through referral marking trends and tactics to help you grow your business.

Statistically proven to get you, customers who buy sooner, spend more and stay longer, Kirsty highlights referral marketing trends extracted from more than 2 000 referral programs. And, having generated over 100 000+ referrals for Referral Factory customers, she shows us why referral marketing is so much more than just another customer acquisition channel.

If we told you 10 years from now every business would have a referral program, wouldn’t you want to be the brand that gets there first and wins the most?

View the webinar recording hosted by Kirsty Sharman – How to Win More Customers Using Referral Marketing – to find out how.

Go here if you want to see some real life 👉 referral program examples

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